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jenXtrom 09-25-03 01:04 PM

Stereo with 980xgl -- max resolution?
I am putting together a few new Linux computers for 3-D scientific visualization. I am considering the NVIDIA Quadro4 980xgl card, but I heard from a colleague that there may be some problems with the Linux driver. His comments:

"As of a couple months ago I could not get the Linux driver for this card to
go beyond 1024x768 with a refresh rate acceptable for stereo viewing
(whereas in Windows I could go to higher resolutions). It seemed to be a
limitation hard-wired into the Linux driver but I'm not sure. For some
people this resolution would be acceptable, for some not..."

Is this an issue that others have noticed? Has this been cured with the 1.0-4496 driver release?

Thanks, Jen

SiliconBadger 01-15-04 05:40 PM

XF86 configuration wrong
The refresh rate problem is probably the result of not having your monitor settings configured properly. There is no difference between refresh rates in stereo and out of stereo, from what I know. The guy probably just needs to edit his the monitor definition in the /etc/X11/XF86Config (or wherever it may be on his system) file. In the section that defines the monitor settings, he should enter the proper horizontal and vertical refresh rate ranges to reflect the values that his monitor can do. The user's manual for the monitor will list these ranges, and once he puts those into the file, X should default to the highest refresh rate possible for whatever resolution he is running.

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