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cirrus 09-25-03 11:41 PM

Xv blue screen
The last few days, I have been having this really annoying problem. Sometimes when I'm watching a movie or video clip using mplayer with -vo xv, the mplayer window suddenly goes blue, while the movie continues to play (sound). Restarting X and removing the module (rmmod nvidia) and inserting it again, doesn't help. Any ideas on what could be wrong, or a solution please.

Driver used: 4496

rettw 09-26-03 03:48 PM

I have seen this issue as well, but only when playing back high resolution (HDTV 1920x1088) sources. DVD resolution sources don't seem to have an issue on my system(s).

Either way, I have reported my issue to a contact within Nvidia, and he said he will have their QA department look into testing the overlay with HD content. What this means in regards to a fix I am not sure. I guess we will have to wait for the next driver release to see if its been fixed for HD stuff - I am not sure what to tell you about lower res stuff like DVD.


khiggins 10-05-03 01:13 AM

I also experience the same problem from time to time, and find it to be very annoying. I mostly use mplayer, and it seems to occur after I watch a few videos - and the behavior isn't very predictable. But I have found that I can solve the situation by simply restarting X.

I'm running 4496 on a GeForce4 Ti4200, on an athlon 1.33 Ghz.

Also, a while back it seemed to occur fairly often and so I disabled agp support in my XF86Config. This seemed to decrease the frequency of the problem, but it still occurs every so often.

rettw 10-05-03 11:35 AM

The only way I can get rid of the issue is to restart my machine.... Removing the kernel module or restarting X has no effect.


cjp 10-06-03 07:19 AM

I've managed to get xv working again without a reboot. I shut down X and ran vga_reset. vga_reset. is a small program that came with svgalib. It does a bios call to reset the video card.

rettw 10-06-03 11:59 AM

Know where I can get svgalib for RH8? It appears that redhat stopped including in the dist after 7.0. I can't seem to compile it from source either.....


russofris 10-09-03 01:07 AM

I just read an article with the following quote.

Update: Miguel Freitas, one of the xine project leaders, wrote to say:

Just a small update for your article: this week i added XvMC support toxine cvs based on Jack's patch.

It seems to work fine, however, several people have experiencingproblems with nvidia cards and high definition overlays (using XvMC ornot). the card gets into a bad state that only a reboot cycle can fix.nvidia engineers told us that their QA people do not stress test thedrivers with such huge images, so i guess this might get fixed on thenext release.

rettw 10-09-03 04:37 PM

Yeah, I was involved in that conversation with Nvidia (see earlier post of mine).... I figure we will just have to wait for the next release.


musalmik 01-08-04 03:47 PM

Although this thread is a few months old, I have to add that I have similar problems with new hardware (FX Go5650 in Dell Inspiron 8600) and the newest driver (5328). I keep watching the movie and at some point mplayer only shows a blue window (or fullscreen). Even switching from xv to gl does not help then, while restarting X does. It's annoying.

Seems to help to move the mouse around every now and then so that anything like dpms timeouts or acpi events on inactivity are prevented. Not sure about that yet.

NVidia, any idea?


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