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Asfy 09-15-02 11:48 AM

UT2003 performence boost tips
here are few tips:
- use 16-bit, doesnt differ much from 32bit and huge FPS boost(i think)
- turn off unit shadows
- turn off dynamic light
- use "software acceleration" for sound

The Baron 09-15-02 11:51 AM

Actually, they probably won't boost performance that much--it's really CPU limited...

Asfy 09-15-02 12:31 PM


Nephilim 09-15-02 01:03 PM

I am not going back to 16-bit color. Is it just me or does 16-bit color just seem nasty nowadays?

Besides...this demo runs pretty well for me.

The Baron 09-15-02 01:47 PM

Even if they DO speed up the game, ALL of those will kill image quality.

eliteone 09-15-02 01:58 PM

using the software sound instead of hardware sound gave me a 25fps increase boost on my gf4 ti4600 and many others as well. It went from "playable" but not smooth to smooth as silk when i changed it from hardware to software...it was a HUGE increase.

intercede007 09-15-02 02:50 PM

You have to be running the latest drivers from creative for your Audigy. The problem is stated very clearly in the release notes.

3.2 Sound issues

If using a 3D sound accelerator such as the Sound Blaster Audigy series sound card, you can go into "Options/Audio" to enable EAX 3.0 by selecting the "Hardware 3D Sound + EAX" options.

You need to upgrade to the latest version of Sound Blaster Audigy drivers in order to get acceptable 3D sound performance.

Using Unreal Tournament 2003 in conjunction with earlier versions of the drivers MAY cause severe performance problems (major slowdowns in the order of 30-50% while playing sound) in which case you should change the option back to the default "Software 3D Audio".

eliteone 09-15-02 03:03 PM

I have the latest drivers right off of creatives site...

eliteone 09-15-02 03:07 PM

I'll try going back to those drivers from compaq which is only a few months older than the drivers i am using now. If you look at the ina forums you'll see many people have this problem and it isnt just with audigy cards it seems to be with all sb live cards as well.

PCarr78 09-15-02 06:28 PM

Lower physics detail!

I got a 10fps boost. The other settings, besides 16 bit color and dynamic lights didn't have any effect

Yes, my cpu is slow

StealthHawk 09-15-02 08:38 PM


Originally posted by Nephilim
I am not going back to 16-bit color. Is it just me or does 16-bit color just seem nasty nowadays?

Besides...this demo runs pretty well for me.

yes, now that software is being designed for 32bit color, 16bit is totally unacceptable in the IQ department. check out the comparison shots in the UT2003 feedback thread. yuck!

|JuiceZ| 09-16-02 10:21 AM

With my lowly 500mhz cpu, I now can care less about IQ since the engine is still extremely cpu limited. I've got everything turned down to the lowest setting including triple buffering and the fps increase is still marginal. My settings looks like crap but don't care online when I'm fragging the crap outta everyone :cool: I will try reverting back to software acceleration to see if it helps a 'lil more.

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