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Zledth 09-26-03 11:00 AM

Redhat 9.0 and nvidia!
I'm new into linux/redhat and i don't know what version of the drivers i have to download!!!
Linux IA32
Linux IA64
Linux AMD64

i don't know what one to chose!!!

Computer Windows Xp has a connection to internet
Computer Red Hat Linux can look on the other computer(the files etc.)
but the internet on the linux computer isn't working:S pleas help... ask for the info you need!

geowiz 09-27-03 09:16 AM

IA32 (Intel Architecture 32 bit) is the driver you want.

As for internet- do you connect via phone modem, cable, DSL, or ethernet? Service provider (to guess if you need pppoe, pppoa, straight ethernet, dhcp etc) ?

Zledth 09-29-03 04:45 AM

my windows XP computer has an ADSL modem. and i use Planet Internet, it's dutch

geowiz 09-30-03 08:44 PM

More ?
If your system is an Nforce2 based motherboard with built-in ethernet, then you will probably need to download the platform drivers. Then install the nvnet driver to get ethernet working.

If you've already done that or you are using an add-in ethernet card, RH probably found it ok and has loaded the drivers. Quick check by /sbin/ifconfig and see if there is an entry for eth0. If yes then you need to configure the network.

Use the RH network tools. I don't remember if they have a pppoe tool built in or not. I bring that up because, in the States, many aDSL vendors use pppoe to get the IP address and nameserver information. Some use standard ethernet DHCP through the modem. I can't read Dutch so the Planet Internet's site didn't help me understand the way they have it set up.

So, check /do the following:
  • Check that your ethernet card is working
  • Check your ISP to see if they use DHCP or pppoe, if they use pppoe, the Roaring Penguin PPPoE client worked well for me.
  • Activate DHCP or pppoe as needed. Configuration for DHCP is available in RH network tools. rp-pppoe has instructions for pppoe.
  • Give it a go and see if it works.

Hope this helps point the way to get your aDSL working ;-) Good luck

Magic 10-01-03 03:57 AM

Hi everyone!

I've just installed Redhat 9.0, also pretty new to Linux. My PC specs are as follows:

AMD Athlon XP 2000
EPOX mobo (nvidia nForce2 chipset)
geForce 3 Ti2000 graphics card

I installed Linux IA32 drivers... but my ethernet connection still remains inactive. I mean when it boots up, it says that failed to bring up eth0... delaying Initialization...

When I try activate it manually with the <ifup eth0> command, it says, eth0 does not seem to be present... delaying initialization.... but can select nvnet when trying to configure an internet connection... however, the connection remains inactive.

Anyone can help?


geowiz 10-01-03 08:04 AM

The IA32 label on NVidias site is used for the graphics card. You also have to install the Nforce Platform drivers for network (nvnet).

It appears that the nvnet driver isn't being found. Check to see if it is installed with ls /lib/modules/`uname -r`/kernel/drivers/net/nvnet.o - if it reports nvnet not found then the driver is not there.

There are numerous threads on nvnet and network on this site that should help in addition to the Nvidia documentation.

Magic 10-01-03 08:30 PM

hmmm I actually used the one at


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