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button 09-26-03 06:06 PM

Redhat 9.0 install- brand new to Linux
Hello everyone,
First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who responds to this post in advance. I am brand (and I mean SPANKIN') new to Linux, and I am trying to wean myself from windows. Back in the 80's, I once new a few things about BASIC but haven't even considered programming since the first Mac came out. I currently have a homemade PC with a GeForce 3 Ti200 on a Soyo Dragon Plus mobo with an Athlon 1800 xp with 256mb RAM. I just acquired Redhat 9.0, and I would like to learn some basic things about text commands. However, I hate (with a passion) going through tutorials and prefer to learn by doing. I read the README and downloaded the driver to the home directory of my personal (not root) account and don't really know how to "make it happen." Could someone PLEASE walk me through the installation of this new driver, step by step, assuming that I know nothing (which is a fair assumption). I really want to get into Linux, so, those of you out there who know your stuff, please have mercy and help a nooby out! Your time is greatly appreciated- just think of it as an investment in a budding future ex Windows user.:D

qflux 09-26-03 07:40 PM

your in trouble if you hate reading faq's and text and man pages.

Pick up a book on how to use linux and its commands.

there is way to much to know and you have to start somewhere.

linuxvvhore 09-26-03 08:09 PM

It's really not too difficult, if you follow NVIDIA's instructions. You seem to know what root is, so just "su -" and "cd /home/ button" or whatever your directory is. Then just follow the directions on the page you downloaded the driver from: http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_d..._1.0-4496.html

If you run into problems, let someone here know. I'm sure you'll find someone who is helpful.

russofris 09-27-03 12:29 AM

For redhat 9, I do the following;
Install RH9, make sure to use text mode login.
Install the Nvidia drivers from CD or wget them from the command line.
Edit the /etc/X11/XF86config and set it up like the readme suggests.

Ping me with which one of those steps you are having trouble with.

Thank you for your time,
Frank Russo

LordMorgul 09-27-03 02:21 AM

While I advocate learning by doing for a philosophy and mindset, I also suggest you do some reading as its pretty easy to damage things should you not quite understand what it is you are typing. :)

Its not something to get scared about, but rather to understand before jumping headlong into things.

The RedHat Linux 9 Bible book by Wiley Publishing is a great place to start. One cannot survive the use of linux without reading man pages, learn to enjoy investigation. (this book series helped me get going)

button 09-27-03 12:05 PM

Thanks for the help, folks. I finally got this driver installed, and I even figured out how to get into the XF86Config window- for anyone who wants to know, check out this link for instructions on how to use the "vi" editor:


I eventually figured out that one must use a space after the "cd" command...hehe (big fat smile). One last thing: I don't hate FAQ's or man pages; in fact, I depend on them to get me through whatever it is that I'm doing. By tutorials, I meant systematic lessons that are not immediately relevant to the task at hand. After 25+ years of schooling and training, I have developed an almost allergic reaction to such didactics. However, I did get a copy of the RH 9.0 "bible," and I'm betting that I might even open it....Anyway, thanks again, everyone, and I'm sure you'll see me back in the not too distant future. Oh yeah: can RH 9.0 recognize my GeForce 3 card as a Ti200 and not just "generic?"

LordMorgul 09-29-03 06:44 AM

What the card is 'recognized' as is really rather meaningless provided it loads the nvidia driver, or for 2d only the nv driver. (the driver load actually looks up the hardware ID from pci info, over which you have no control, you can look up those ids in the nvidia readme)

You can name the card however, in XF86Config each device has a name (BoardName), make it whatever you want, just don't break the "chain" of the device Identifiers. That is how each section of the config identifies what other part of the config to use if need be, i.e. screen uses device and monitor.

I agree with you about mindless step-by-step tutorials btw, I also like to learn specific details as I go along and its easier to retain them when put to use immediately.

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