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danboid 09-28-03 02:51 AM

ALSA 0.9.7 / A7N8X- rec. STILL broke!
Oh dear!

I patiently waited months for the new ALSA to be released, yet just as with the last release PCM+MIDI playback works fine but recording is STILL broke for us A7N8X/ Soundstorm users. I'm running kernel 2.4.21 under RH9 if it matters.

Has nobody reported this to the ALSA developers? I posted it to the ALSA devel list once but maybe that wasn't the right place, it is a high traffic list and probably got ignored.

I know that if I use the kernel OSS driver recording works BUT it doesn't support full duplex like ALSA. I shouldn't have to buy a new card just to be able to use mic in.


danboid 10-04-03 04:02 AM

Reporting the bug
I've tried subscribing to the alsa-devel mailing list under both Konqueror and Mozilla (Galeon), twice, and I never received the confirmation mail that is supposed to be sent to me. As a result I haven't been able to report that the recording is broken for ALSA/ Soundstorm users.

I tried the new driver release (0.9.7a) and it hasn't made any difference.

Could somebody else please try reporting, or even better fixing, this bug please. It would be much appreciated be myself and anybody else interested in audio who owns an NFORCE2 board.


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