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mike 09-28-03 11:41 AM

suse 8.2 nforce4 mx 440 blank screen problem fixed
there are a lot of threads concerning problems with the mx 440 gpu
had tried the various Option "NvAGP" "<whatever>" stuff to no avail
had posted a workaround to this problem but subsequently found a solution

the system is a very standard:
suse 8.2 out-of-the-box
system board is aopen mk77m ii e
256 ddr ram
amd xp 2200
nvidia geforce4 mx 440 (on the board it is a 8X card in a 4X slot)

note: this is a very clean linux system, only mc and jed and divx libs installed on top of the out-of-the-box 8.2

installed nvidia drivers pkg 1.0.4496

the problem:
when booting to X
and having enabled 3d accel using sax2 tool got the usual BSOD ("blank" screen of death!)
had to cntl-alt-del to get out of it.
note: there were no errors reported in the X log for this type of "session"
the problem occurs when kdm loads (ie. booting to safe mode logging in on user level and running startx from the console shell runs X ok)

the solution:
so to fix it--
appended the following command line parameter
for the kernel boot: acpi=off

these changes can be made using YaST or by manually editing the grub config file and reinstalling the boot loader. you are on your own with this

brucesinner 09-30-03 11:16 PM


You solved me a big trouble with my FX card!!!

T-H-A-N-K-S !!!

mike 10-01-03 08:20 AM

you are very welcome!

the wierd thing is that when acpi is turned off in the bios it does not help. it has to be set off for the kernel boot

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