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Vanzagar 08-08-12 11:52 AM

Forum back up?
This is a test, is the forum actually back up and running? :headexplode:

If so what the heck happened...

fasedww 08-08-12 05:36 PM

Re: Forum back up?
Yeah what happen,
I surely missed it,Hope everybody starts posting back on that was a member, It's alot of fun.:D

sammy sung 08-09-12 06:48 PM

Re: Forum back up?
Not sure what's going on with this site atm, on/off banned and having issues connecting here. Having problems posting aswell. A lot of the previous posters went to Rage but that will never be the same imo :-/

fasedww 08-10-12 04:08 PM

Re: Forum back up?
Why not just come back and all be friends again.:D

BioHazZarD 08-11-12 09:58 AM

Re: Forum back up?
seems everyone bailed from this site lol :(

fasedww 08-11-12 01:07 PM

Re: Forum back up?
For what reason?, Only hurt yourself, It's like carrying a grudge Doesn't pay off to me.:)

Starscream 08-12-12 12:33 AM

Re: Forum back up?
I can't get the forum to load most of the time lately, hopefully that gets fixed.

Tygerwoody 08-12-12 02:03 PM

Re: Forum back up?
I like turtles

Mr_LoL 08-12-12 11:04 PM

Re: Forum back up?
I like boobies.

Airbrushkid 08-13-12 07:15 AM

Re: Forum back up?
So you guys like turtles that have boobies.

BioHazZarD 08-13-12 10:18 AM

Re: Forum back up?
your avatar boobies haha :D

MadPt 08-17-12 04:09 AM

Re: Forum back up?
Nice to have nvnews back online again!!! :)
Missed this site and forum, we coulnd´t let it dissapear! :)))

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