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fasedww 08-18-12 11:52 AM

Here's a pic of my new PS3 skin
Got astro headphones with the mix amp for 5.1 sound, and also yamaha dolbly 5.1 setup with speakers too.:)

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

MadPt 08-20-12 04:32 AM

Re: Here's a pic of my new PS3 skin
Thatīs a cool setup you got there! ;)
Very nice PS3 skin indeed! That Yamaha AV rocks, I got one myself, not the same but even with a few years old now it still rocks and bothers my neighbours ( joking, no it doesnīt because I never had a complaint, hehe, I donīt take it loud enough to crash their ears or the entire building! :D ). Or lets them enjoy whatever Iīm listening, if they like it! Back in my old house, my above floor neighbour asked me what movie I was watching ( Saving private Ryan ) because it was loud enough, not maxed out, and he loved the sound so much so that he had to know and see the movie! :D
Now living on a top floor, I donīt have that problem, lol! ;)

fasedww 08-20-12 05:25 PM

Re: Here's a pic of my new PS3 skin
Yeah thanks the skin is made by , Also if you put the skin on uneven you can take it back and redo it, many a times good made skins the best I have worked with.:D

XDanger 01-17-14 02:28 PM

Re: Here's a pic of my new PS3 skin
Being an american you probably wouldnt have a PS4 skin.

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