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Gitaroo 08-20-12 01:52 PM

PSU for 670
I am debating wether to get the new evga 660 Ti SC + 3 gig ram or the regular 670 with 2 gig. Price difference is about 50 bucks; but I only have a 500 watts PSU that came with the case. Its a Sonata 3 PSU


The site Im getting it from recommend to have +12 Volt current rating of 30 Amps for it. My PSU says 24 Amps. Anyone have this card with similar PSU and it works fine? Or should get the 660 instead?

Gitaroo 08-21-12 02:00 PM

Re: PSU for 670
any tips guys?

winton 08-21-12 03:11 PM

Re: PSU for 670
Hardocp listed at load the 660ti 3gb ram at 330 watts overclocked and 300 for a stock 670. That really doesn't leave much room for your other components. You might want to upgrade your PSU.

Gitaroo 08-21-12 05:16 PM

Re: PSU for 670
I have an 460 GTX superclocked never have problem, the TPD for a regular 460 is 10 watts higher than 660ti irc. Would a 660 Ti super clocked require more? The recommended req on evga site is 50 watts lower than my PSU though.

winton 08-22-12 09:46 AM

Re: PSU for 670
TDP is not a power requirement (its related to how much heat is being dissipated). An overclocked gtx 460 is a bit under 500 watts in total system power (http://www.hardocp.com/article/2010/...x_460_review/8). You should really consider upgrading your psu.

Gitaroo 08-22-12 02:01 PM

Re: PSU for 670
this card will be the last thing I upgrade before I get a whole new system, kind of want to save as much as possible...

winton 08-23-12 09:31 AM

Re: PSU for 670
From EVGA's website: PSU requirement for gtx 670:
Minimum of a 500 Watt power supply.
(Minimum recommended power supply with +12 Volt current rating of 30 Amps.)

Your specs of your antec 500 earthwatss:
+3.3V@25A, +5V@24A, +12V1@22A, +12V2@22A, -12V@0.8A, +5VSB@2.5A

You could try it with your 500watt psu. I don't think it can hurt the card.

Gitaroo 08-23-12 02:39 PM

Re: PSU for 670
so is 670 regular at 50 more than the 660 super clocked Ti 3G RAM a better deal? How much do I benefit from having 3 gigs rams? I only and will be game on 1080p for a long long time until 1600 mon become cheap. By that time it happens, I probably have a new PC already. I also saw another power chart from another site, which listed the 460 SE, 670 OC, and a 660 SO, the 460 SE draw much more power than the other 2.

particleman 08-23-12 03:21 PM

Re: PSU for 670
I run two 670's in SLi with a i7 3770k overclocked and 3 HDDs, it only pulls around 450W from the wall at full load (this was measured using a kill-a-watt). If you account for about 85% power supply efficiency it is really only pulling 380 watts DC. So even a 450 watt PSU can handle 670's in SLi. For just one all you really need is a 350 watt PSU. The new Kepler based graphics cards are very power efficient as is Ivy Bridge, you don't need insane PSUs for them like you did with the 480GTX and 580GTX.

When I switched from my overclocked Socket 1366 i7 920 and 580 SLi to the 3770k and 670 SLi it almost cut my electric bill in half.

Gitaroo 08-23-12 03:42 PM

Re: PSU for 670
Im still using a first gen i7 930 though in stock speed though. Much more power hungry. Should list my system spec

i7 930, 6 gigs ram triple channel, x-fi platinum, 4XHDDs and the Geforce 460 Super clocked. So would a 670 2 gigs be a better buy than the 660 Ti 3 gig? I am leaning towards this now


only $30 more than the 660 ti I preordered and still not in stocks, and the 670 is available now. Now is Gigabyte compare eVGA btw?

particleman 08-24-12 12:50 PM

Re: PSU for 670
Your 500 watt PSU should be enough. A 670/660 Ti only consumes about the same amount of power as a 460 so you should be OK.

Personally I would go with the 670 over the 660Ti, it depends on the resolution of your monitor and if you like to play with high levels of anti-aliasing though. If you play at 1920x1080 and don't mind using FXAA as opposed to traditional MSAA, the 660Ti is probably a better value though.

Gitaroo 08-24-12 01:59 PM

Re: PSU for 670
so I picked up the Gigabyte 670, the performance difference is quite big, the sleeping dog ran like a slide show with everything maxed out but now runs very smooth. I only game at 1080p, if MSAA is too much of a performance hit, then I use FXAA. Guess 670 give me a lot more overhead than a 660 would have? Does 3 gig rams makes a huge difference in the future?

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