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war18 09-15-02 07:20 PM

red hat 7.3 driver problems please help
I have tried all the tricks in the other threads but still can't get into x windows after installing nvidia drivers!! I have also tried using nvchooser to see what drivers to download but it wont run it crashes. I'm running kernel 2.4.18-3 i dont know which driver to install i tried a couple but they don't work :/
any help would be good, tx

amd xp 1900+
ausus av7333
ddr ram
geforce gts 64md ddr
red hat 7.3 kernel 2.4.18-3


soundview00 09-15-02 07:30 PM

I am running into the same problem with my system. When you find out the solution to your issues please let me know. Thanks.

drivers 09-15-02 09:27 PM

I ran into the same problem with my system. Turns out I had installed the wrong version of the kernel driver.
If you are sure you have the right one then double check the changes to your XF86config (or XF86config-4) file as detailed in the README.

t00bad 09-15-02 10:15 PM

rh 7.3
i had to add the "Option NvAGP" "1" to my XF86Config-4 to get it working. q3 linux runs great on a dual p3 550, ultra tnt2 32, 2.4.18-10smp kernel(i think thats what it is) anyways i did the update from redhat wich did the kernel also. had a hell of a time figuring this out. installed from the i686smp rpm on the nvidia site.
in case anyone finds it interesting it a netserver e60, wich hp says no way for redhat 7.3, took the crappy video card out that it came with........work on wine and halflife begins.....

number9 09-15-02 11:56 PM

That is worth a try...
Where did section you stick the "option NvAGP" "1"?
or where did you see that documented?

tuxfriend 09-16-02 04:24 AM


nvidia has a redme file for the drivers

on its webside which will answer your question;-)

number9 09-16-02 08:50 AM

thanks you for the reply
Yeah... There are quite a few option to choose from.

# Option "NvAGP" "0" # KG None
# Option "NvAGP" "1" # KG NVAGP
# Option "NvAGP" "2" # KG AGPGART
# Option "NvAGP" "3" # KG first AGPGART, then NVAGP
# Option "NoRenderAccel" "on"
# Option "NoLogo" "on"

unfortunely this did not seem to be what is causing my crashes, I tryed different option.

thank you all the same...

t00bad 09-16-02 12:25 PM

i thought it was kinda vague. i looked at some posts at www.mandrakeuser.org wich had some configs posted, i used those to take a guess were to put it. i didnt even have that line or a hint of it in there. id post my config but im at work on a w2k laptop wich is more practical for actually getting something done. there a re a lot of tips wich can be useful for clues. keep a couple of things in mind, the people in the forums are generally like you or me-havent a clue. and read read read!! i overlooked a lot of important stuff before i started understanding some of it, a lot of stupid mistakes and reloads. keep at it!!! i almost threw my pc in the dumpster. heh

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