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Gator 09-15-02 09:08 PM

warning about det 40.41 + UT2k3
I found this in the readme file for the demo! DOH! :(

NVIDIA 40.41 drivers

The NVIDIA 40.41 drivers are known to have visual flaws and performance
problems (hitching) with the Unreal Tournament 2003 Demo which are not
present in the 30.82 drivers. The issue has been addressed by NVIDIA
and future drivers released by NVIDIA will contain the appropriate fixes.

If you are currently running the 40.41 drivers please either downgrade
to 30.82 or install newer drivers when available.

eliteone 09-15-02 09:35 PM

they work fine for me...

PCarr78 09-15-02 09:54 PM

Didn't see any hitches, just consistently low framerate.

It's a hardware limitation for me

ExitWound 09-15-02 10:13 PM

Hitching? does this mean that the game will stutter every so often? if so, i don't have that.

PCarr78 09-15-02 10:23 PM


Originally posted by ExitWound
Hitching? does this mean that the game will stutter every so often? if so, i don't have that.
yea, like drop framerate every few seconds, not in a constant way

I dont have it either

LordVampyre 09-15-02 10:40 PM

I was running the 40.41 and the game didnt run well at all.. thought it might be time for an upgrade.. saw the faq.. did as it stated.. Im running now 12X10 every thing on max and the game flys.... so Im glad that I listened for once.

thcdru2k 09-15-02 10:59 PM

i'm really perplexed, i get better fps score in the benchmark with 40.41, and i actually notice hitching with 30.82. i don't know i want to use 30.82 as they say its faster but it isn't for me.

Kruno 09-15-02 11:29 PM

30.82 just seemed faster.

thcdru2k 09-15-02 11:30 PM

are they talking about the hitching that occurs like at the beginning of a map? i do get that.

Matthyahuw 09-15-02 11:39 PM

ah, so THAT's what my issues was!!!

I was kicking myself trying to find out what was up...just froze every so often for a sec at a time...piss me off!

And I was wondering why Linux ran it so much better :D

Zeno 09-15-02 11:47 PM

Thanks for the heads up. I was getting hiccups in the game and even on the menus and was wondering if it was something I had set up wrong. :P

-- Zeno

skipparoo 09-16-02 07:01 PM

I am gettting all kinds of freezes and reboots with this game, and I can only assume the Detonators are responsible. I'm serious, every kind of crash you can get, and at random times. I thought it might have been the slight overclocking I had applied to my CPU and GPU, but bringing the clocks down to the standard levels produced the same results.

Anyways, I guess there are really only 3 kinds of crashes. One is the classic reboot. Game instantly quits and system reboots. Then there's the freeze to a blank screen. Game crashes and presents a blank screen, forcing a reset. The other is the freeze frame. Game freezes and gameplay scenario is frozen in place, no blank screen, much like what happens when the GPU core clock is set too high, forcing a reset.

I think that's about it. The only other kind of crash I guess I'm not witnessing is a crash to the desktop, the one crash I would prefer over all others. I certainly hope these are strictly driver related, or at least related to the game and the way it runs with these drivers. Strange, at times I can play for hours at a time, and then sometimes I'll play for a mere 10 minutes or so and then, boom! We require your assistance nVIDIA :P


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