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kaega2 09-30-03 12:28 AM

Booting into text mode after installing drivers
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I think this may have been an error on my part, either way here I do. I'm using mandrake 9.1

I'm new to linux so I was installing my nvidia drivers for the first time. I rebooted into a texted only linux (because it said to exit X) and installed the drivers from there as root. The installation went fine, and I then edited my XFree86 file accordingly

Linux is starting into a text mode and asking me to log in. I can log in as either root or myself. When I restart I have the options of linux windows or failsafe, if I use failsafe i can use graphical interface and then it was startup fine, it's just a pain. When I get back up to my desktop I get the NVidia splash screen and the driver appears to be working fine. It's just a pain to tell it how to boot up every time.

I've read the FAQ's in the nvidia readme but i'm not getting an error in the XFree86 log file.

kaega2 09-30-03 12:29 AM

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