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Wolfie 07-30-02 11:24 AM

whats your score at 3dmark
my score is around 10000, 10500 on a good day.

darkmiasma 07-30-02 01:08 PM

hey -

... i got 8942 with the 29.42 DET's ... my videocard is a bit of a bottleneck ...

- mike

Wolfie 07-30-02 02:23 PM

sorry about that!!! should of looked futher:D

skipparoo 07-30-02 04:30 PM

Have any of you guys tried out 3DMark99 recently? I can't get it to run, it keeps stating that it "cannot detect DirectX 6.1 or higher, please install DirectX 6.1." Of course, I have Windows XP, with DirectX 8.1, so I don't see what the problem is. So, any of you at all on Windows XP, GeForce4 Ti 4600, 30.30 drivers, can you get 3DMark99 to run???


mcortz_2000 07-31-02 02:06 PM

Hi All,

I get around 11300 with win xp pro and 29.42dets...

-=DVS=- 07-31-02 05:19 PM

GF4 9783
Rad8500Le 7761

sytaylor 08-01-02 12:01 PM

7700... stock ti4400 and 1.2ghz tbird... highly motherboard bandwidth limited :-/

NeoGeo 08-01-02 06:08 PM

oo jus got 9416 :) thats with my graphics card tuned a lil bit with the nice lil Gainward tool, but christ i need some decent ram.. once i got some PC2700 in ere i could seriously up my FSB and aim 10400 - 10800 :cool:

plays GTA3, it does the job!

Sy would u like a bin bag for ya old KT7A?, i know a lot of charity shops around here :p

cricket 08-04-02 11:20 PM

11,038 last time i ran it. ....... spec's: Pentium® 4 processor 2.26GHz w/ 533MHz system bus & 512K L2 Cache/ 128MB DDR NVIDIA GeForce4™ Ti 4600 with 29.80 drivers/Sound Blaster Live! Digital Sound Card/256mb PC800 RDram/Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition /80GB Ultra ATA/100 Hard Drive/24x/10x/40x Max CD-RW /Harman Kardon HK-395 Speakers with Subwoofer/MS IntelliMouse Explorer

netviper13 08-05-02 01:32 AM

8281, but I get a really big feeling my motherboard is holding me back. The SiS 745 chipset just can't keep up with nForce or KT333.

NeoGeo 08-05-02 05:46 AM

well that SiS chipset is lovelly though, used to have one months back with your board... loved it... shouldnt of sold it :(

hell more reliable than VIA stuff...

netviper13 08-05-02 12:51 PM

Definitely been reliable as no other, but it just lacks some features and performance.

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