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e-r-a-n 09-16-02 05:20 AM

Redhat 7.3 + Nvidia drivers 3123 = troubles
Hi all.
I'm trying to install the new drivers for my Geforce 4 ti 4600 on redhat linux.
i had 2960 working with no problems
I read the installation readme in nvidia.com and I did excatly what it said.
I removed the GLX driver, and installed the new one, the kernel driver I installed with -U flag
when i boot redhat i cant run X, only when i add "#" before the "Load "glx" in XF86Config-4.
anyone can explain me how to fix the problem?

tnx. eran.

cartley 09-16-02 01:30 PM

Can't help much except to say that the 3123 driver is working great for me on my Red Hat 7.3 system. I would recommend removing both the GLX and kernel packages and re-installing, as opposed to the upgrade you attempted.

I would shutdown X first, with

telinit 3

Then remove the drivers with

rpm -e NVIDIA_GLX NVIDIA_kernel

Then install them again with
rpm -ivh NVIDIA_GLX*rpm NVIDIA_kernel*.rpm

Cross your fingers and restart X with

telinit 5


godxzilla 09-17-02 11:46 AM

I get this warning...is this ok?

Warning: loading /lib/modules/2.4.18-10/kernel/drivers/video/NVdriver will taint the kernel: non-GPL license - NVIDIA

wtf is that?

Andy Mecham 09-17-02 12:19 PM

That's a message printed out by insmod when the Nvidia kernel module is loaded. Because the module is closed-source, it will "taint" the kernel. It's a harmless message.


godxzilla 09-17-02 12:26 PM

thanks much andy. its working great!


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