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ChiBChombo 09-04-12 11:48 AM

Quick Overclocking Question

I've been running my i7 960 @ 3.8 GHz for a long time now with no problems, using the following memory;


But recently I've decided to upgrade my memory and I bought these;


I'm a little confused on how I should change the bios in order to continue having my current OC with the new memory.

My current memory settings in the bios are:

Memory SPD - Standard
Memory Control Setting - Enabled
Memory Frequency - 1333MHz / 2:10
Target Memory Frequency - 1603MHz
Channel Interleave Setting - 6 Way
Rank Interleave Setting - 4 Way
Memory Low Gap - Auto

tCL Setting - 7
tRCD Setting - 7
tRP Setting - 7
tRAS Setting - 20
tRFC Setting - 88
tREF Setting - Auto
Command Rate - 1T

Then everything else is AUTO.

Do I change the current timings to the new memory timings, and anything else? Since the new memory is 2000MHz and not 1600, I'm a little confused on how I should do this.

Please help me out.

Thank you.

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