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News 09-04-12 04:50 PM

What "Xbox Games on Windows" actually means
http://cdn.arstechnica.net/wp-conten...w8-640x360.png Only a select few Windows 8 games will be branded as "Xbox Games on Windows"

As a branding exercise, the recently unveiled "Xbox Games on Windows" is more than a little confusing. The "Xbox" name has previously been exclusively reserved for Microsoft's console gaming efforts (update: and recently on Windows Phone systems, as some commenters have pointed out). With the launch of Windows 8 next month, that name will also be associated with a related, but totally separate product on the PC.

Despite the name, you won't be able to just insert an Xbox disc into your PC and play it using the Xbox Games on Windows app (if only!). In fact, the Xbox Games on Windows branding won't be used for retail games at all, but only for downloadable games on the Windows 8 Store. But not all Windows 8 downloadable games will be Xbox on Windows games'only a small subset will be integrated into the service. And if you own a downloadable game on the Xbox 360, you won't necessarily have access to the PC version of that same game through Xbox Games on Windows.

Confused yet?

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