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FastRedPonyCar 09-06-12 09:50 AM

** Legend of Grimrock **
This is a rather obscure title by most accounts but one that I picked up a while back for $5 on GOG.com during a sale


And just now got around to installing it. So far, VERY impressed! The game looks amazing and some of the puzzles are CRAZY HARD.

I was really hesitant about this one because I'm not familiar with this style of north, south, east, west dungeon crawler RPG but the guys at Almost Human Games have really perfected (in my opinion) the blend of challenging combat, visually interesting and VERY atmospheric environments, challenging puzzles that really make you think, etc..

They don't do very much hand-holding either. They'll walk you through a few basic puzzle mechanics such as pressure plates, hidden switches, teleports etc and once the core puzzle solving and exploration mechanics are understood, you're on your own and how they've managed to incorporate those simple mechanics into such complex puzzles in so many numerous ways without the solutions feeling the same or being repetitive.

I'm a big completionist so I'm taking my time with each dungeon (which are arranged into one floor for each dungeon) and really trying to find every secret. Some are proving to be really tough because there are pits scattered all over the levels and when you fall into one, you don't die, you drop down to the next dungeon (you progress through the game always going down to the floor below) and often, the only way to access certain parts of a dungeon floor require falling from the floor above... in some instances, requiring falling through one specific pit.

so far, I'm spending about an hour to an hour and a half per dungeon and I expect the further down I go, the longer each one will take.

Here are a couple reviews including total biscuit's. Even if you're a new school FPS gamer, for $15, I really say give this one a shot. They're a small indie developer (only 4 guys!) and released a dungeon editor so they're supporting the community and helping promote longevity.

And a few screenshots I grabbed (mostly after combat so I don't die)





Muppet 09-14-12 03:36 AM

Re: ** Legend of Grimrock **
This is a game I really have to try out. Screen shots look great.

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