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jsylva 10-06-03 03:08 PM

Diamond Stealth 3D 2000
I have this card and am looking for Linux drivers. I read somewhere that Diamond Multimedia was some years ago absorbed by Nvidia Corp. If this is correct, can someone tell whether there are Linux drivers for this card? At the time of its manufacture, there weren't any on the CD that came with it.

Thanks, John.

saturnotaku 10-06-03 03:28 PM

I don't think Diamond's video card division was absorbed by anyone. They pretty much faded away. I assume from the name that the card is an S3 Savage 2000. There should be native support for this old chipset within most modern Linux kernels. For 3D/OpenGL drivers, you'd probably have to hit Sourceforge because I don't think S3 would have drivers available for a card that old.

If it's an NVIDIA card (Riva TNT or better) the current Linux drivers available from www.nvidia.com will work. Check out the NVIDIA Linux forum here for download and installation instructions.

BTW, some mod want to move this to the proper Linux forum?

StealthHawk 10-06-03 11:48 PM

This may be of some interest to you. None of Diamond was assimiliated by NVIDIA AFAIK. Part/all was done so by S3.


P.S. Diamond Stealth 2000 is a really old legacy card, I think it uses an S3 Virge chipset :eek:

saturnotaku 10-07-03 08:19 AM


Originally posted by StealthHawk
P.S. Diamond Stealth 2000 is a really old legacy card, I think it uses an S3 Virge chipset :eek:
You're right. I was mistaken.

S3 Virge = :barf:

geowiz 10-09-03 09:33 AM

I have the Diamond Stealth 3D 2000 on an old box. The graphics card is easily detected by the install programs in GNU/Linux/XFree releases. It is detected and the driver is tdfx.

It is slow compared to todays cards but works well. Don't forget to turn on dri to help the speed.

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