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LTech221 09-16-02 04:13 PM

New MSI TV Tuner
Just giving you a heads up on MSI New TV@nywhere card, not sure how it compares to the Leadtek model but it supposed to have higher quality output than other cards. http://www.msi.com.tw/program/produc...UID=342&MODEL=
I recently purchased it at a locl store for $50 and from what I can tell by using it, the picture/video quality is great (Finally got my remote to work in XP, Service Pack 1 caused WinDVR to go crazy, so after that was removed everything worked fine).

Gaspode 09-19-02 03:56 PM

I want to get that card too! The problem is that it does not recieve TV signals in South Africa! So the name of this card is quite ironic! They should change it to MSI TV$omeplaces!

LTech221 09-19-02 04:57 PM

According to the software it supports PAL I, and alot of other PAL/SECAM/NTSC formats, which is the format for South Africa. http://www.vidpro.org/standards.htm

Gaspode 09-19-02 05:17 PM

I does not work! The place I can get it from did their own testing aswell it did not work. All of the people I know that bought it can't get it to pick up TV signals.

The place that sells these cards have spoken to MSI about it. MSI has said that they are aware of the problem, it is a bug in the drivers and that they are working on it.

Well I have been hearing this "We are working on it" for close to two months now! Maybe I should get a Zoltrix TV card or something!

LTech221 09-19-02 06:12 PM

well hopefully whenever these drivers come out, not the current betas, all the stuff Mpeg 4 and Stereo/SAP audio will be added/fixed. Not sure, but if you can find the Leadtek model(s), I have heard that is pretty good.

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