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redmoose 09-16-02 06:20 PM

Black screen and lockup on startx.
I have never gotton AGP 4x or even 2x to work with my Geforce3 Ti200 so recently I've been trying a little harder. To no eval nothing I've tryed works. When starting X and AGP is enabled the screen will flicker a few times and freeze with a black screen with a small dot in the upper left corner. CTRL+ALT+DELETE, CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE, or switching to another terminal gets no responce, so I have to do a hard shutdown. This does not happen when Option "NvAGP" "0" is set. I have tryed using AGPGART and the Nvidia AGP but both have the same results. I have a Duron 1.2ghz so could this be that AGP bug with AMD processors? If this was the bug then X would still start but OpenGL applications might crash right? I don't think it is the bug because I've compiled a kernel with the AMD patch and the same happens. My motherboard is the PCCHIPS M810L which uses the SiS730S chipset. My monitor is the Compaq MV540. Any ideas welcome.

diziet 09-17-02 08:31 AM

Am getting a very similar problem at the moment with more garbage on the screen. I haven't yet played around with AGP settings. Does rolling back to the drivers released in May help you?


utiel 09-17-02 08:51 AM

try mem=nopentium at boot
I have read that some AMD's have broken AGP.

If you use lilo, you need to append mem=nopentium in /etc/lilo.conf
or if you use grug, in /etc/grub.conf

if you edit your file, you will find "append ide-scsi=hdx"...
in lilo. put mem=nopentium after

I think, you can pass a command to try, in lilo
press esc, and then type linux mem=nopentium
or ir grub, editing line (e) , select line (e), add mem=nopentium(enter) and press b.

If this works, is a hardware bug.

diziet 09-18-02 07:15 AM

I think you are probably right, it is a hardware bug with AMD and the crappy mobo I have in the office PC. I tried your fix under lilo and grub with both the previous and current version of the drivers. No luck. Black screen with the older ones and garbage ascii with the newer ones.

Oh well thanks, I will keep hunting.


diziet 09-18-02 11:53 AM

Aha... Ok I kept the mem=nopentium line in lilo so that may help. I upgraded from my 2.4.18-k6 kernel to 2.4.19k6 kernel. Recompiled the nvidia drivers from source and hey presto I am up and running!
So if anyone out there has probs try a late 2.4 series kernel.


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