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bluemeat 10-08-03 01:27 AM

2.6 kernel?

does the latest driver support Linux 2.6 kernel?


Soul-Crusher 10-08-03 01:30 AM

Not officially. nVidia still considers the 2.6 kernels to be in test stages, and thus does not support them. There are some hacks floating around you can try it with, though.

LordMorgul 10-08-03 03:15 AM

Search this forum and you'll see there are several very good threads regarding this.

bahamot 10-08-03 04:59 AM

Re: 2.6 kernel?

Originally posted by bluemeat

does the latest driver support Linux 2.6 kernel?


grab the patch from www.minion.de

dpw2atox 10-08-03 06:32 PM

im using kernel 2.6.0-test7 and it works fine.

Soul-Crusher 10-08-03 09:50 PM


Originally posted by dpw2atox
im using kernel 2.6.0-test7 and it works fine.
Cool. Did you have to apply any extra patches to make the nVidia driver work?

dpw2atox 10-09-03 04:16 AM

yea I had to use the patch from minion but it works fine.

bluemeat 10-09-03 05:02 PM


Thanks for the replies, I did try to search teh forum first but used the search link at the top by mistake :/

I tried the minion patch with 2.6.0test6 but the box just locked up with a scrambled text screen.


ghostwalker 10-09-03 07:15 PM

Take and comment out the vga= from your lilo.conf file and rerun lilo and reboot that will fix that problems. It's a video framebuffer support issue w/2.6.


bluemeat 10-11-03 06:14 PM

tried the vga option - no difference.
built test7 kernel same result.

thanks anyway.


_tf_ 10-12-03 01:40 PM

have a look @

Known gotchas.
Certain known bugs are being reported over and over. Here are the
- Blank screen after decompressing kernel?
Make sure your .config has

maybe this helps?

good luck!

bluemeat 10-14-03 04:38 PM

Thanks for the hint, but :

the problem is with X, booting up is fine till kdm kicks in. Ive tried using gdm or going straight in X with the same results.

I spose I shouldve given more details straight off :/

Slackware 9 (ish)
linux 2.6.0-test6 + 7
X V4.0300000
GF4 440 MX
old 17" CRT @1280x1024
wife, kids, ****ty sallary ...


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