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Vorgus 09-18-12 03:55 AM

What exactly is nSvcAppFlt.exe?
This program keeps ballooning in size. At one point it was using nearly 6gig of ram. And while logging off and back shuts down much of the crap, only a restart clears this program back down to a small size. With the new drivers that came out a few days ago, I selected clean install hoping it would get fixed. Using google comes back with all kinds of answers as to what it is and what it does.

Vorgus 09-19-12 04:12 PM

Re: What exactly is nSvcAppFlt.exe?
No one knows????

shteve 09-21-12 05:09 AM

Re: What exactly is nSvcAppFlt.exe?
Using the magic of an internet search, I was able to determine that it's part of the nVidia firewall.


Took all of 1 minute to find.

Vorgus 09-23-12 01:22 PM

Re: What exactly is nSvcAppFlt.exe?
It you look at more then just the first link google brings up, you'll find other info. And that fire wall is a mix of hardware and software. The program is the driver for part of the chipset and leaving some hardware without it's driver can cause unexpected problems.

In any case, I got an email response from Nvidia that it is safe to remove.

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