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Crippler 09-16-02 10:24 PM

Cant Get Battlefield 1942 Demo To Work
The game wont fire up at all for me. Im using the 30.82 drivers and have also tried the 40's.

I got the game to load up once. But this was before I had installed the NVrefreshrate tool. With the game only running at 60hz.

Is there a work around for this.


Smokey 09-17-02 06:29 AM

You need to install the patch, which is meant to fix the 60Hz locked refresh rate on XP, but Ive installed the patch and I still cant load the damn demo :(

Crippler 09-17-02 07:27 AM

Yep ive installed the patch and its still not working for me.

Ive reloading the nvidia drivers, havent used nvrefrsh tool yet and the game is working on 60hz only.

Oh my eyes, my beatiful eyes :(

Crippler 09-17-02 08:04 AM

Thats exactly the same thing thats happening to me.

Its something with the refresh rate. Are you using any refresh programs.

The game only works 60hz on a non modified driver.

SparrowHawk 09-17-02 03:11 PM

After you apply the patch, you need to go into the file

\<base install of demo>\Settings\VideoDefault.con

and change the line

renderer.allowAllRefreshRates 0


renderer.allowAllRefreshRates 1

Did you do this ?

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