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proz 10-09-03 11:05 AM

pb with RH and nvnet for nforce2
I have a pb with my nforce2 mothercard drivers, eth0 can't be load because it doesn't find nvnet ( is it a modul ? a patch ? ) and, of course, my videocard doesn't work... :banghead:
can u help me ?
(euh...my english is so approximative, please use simple words)
tx pdavid ;)
merci d'avance

pbwest 10-13-03 04:18 AM

You have two separate problems. You need both the graphics drivers and the nforce drivers from the linux drivers page. The graphics drivers are for Linux IA32, 1.0-4496. The nforce drivers are 1.0-0261 fromt e same page. If you are using a standard RH9 kernel (which I assume you are) get the 1.0-0261 package for the RH9 kernel for Athlon (I assume you are using an Athlon motherboard with nVidia chipset). There's only one choice for the 1.0-4496 video drivers package. It's an executable whic you can run with the command

sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-4496-pkg2.run

It should find and install everything OK.

The nforce drivers come in an RPM file, which you install like other RPMs. If you need any more advice on this, post the the forum again.

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