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cvkemp 10-09-03 05:57 PM

How can I set up my system for dual monitors
I have a Dell WS340 with the Nvidia Quadro4 700XGL card. I have 2 Dell flat screens 1503FP(analog), and a 1900FP(digital). I have Red Had 9.0 installed and I would like to get both monitors to work. At this time Red Had claims to see the 1900FP, but will only display on the 1503fp. The LED on the 1900fp remains in the standby mode. Also I am running Red Hat Kernel 2.4-20-9. I have also downloaded the newest drivers from Nvidia and installed them.

When the system is booted the 1503fp is displaying the boot information.


rsoperuk 10-10-03 08:39 AM

I don't claim to be an expert but I've configured a few systems using dual monitors. Firstly make sure your card supports twinview - I think you should be OK here.

Next configure your /etc/X11/XF86config-4 file to tell the X server you want to enable two screen support. See the sample XF86config-4 configuration file supplied with the nvidia drivers on how to do this or see the very long README file from nvidia. There is a bit of trial and error in this stage and if your default runlevel is set to 5 you may get into a situation. I set mine to 3 and start the Xserver with startx until I know it's all working then I change the default run level to 5 (in /etc/inittab)

How this helps


cvkemp 10-11-03 03:55 PM

Thanks for the information. I now have my dual monitor system working great.
It can be a little tricky, make sure to watch for typos.

:) :)

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