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Altoid 10-10-03 09:12 PM

Linux on Shuttle MN31/N
Has anyone successfully run Linux on a Shuttle MN31/N motherboard? The Nvidia site drives appear to support both the nForce2 IGP and MCP-T core chipset, as well as the on board GeForce 4 MX video, but I want to be certain before buying one.

If you have it running, please let me know if you encountered any surprises on Ethernet or Twinview support.

Thank you.

feeyo 10-11-03 09:02 AM


Yes they support it fully.
Didn't have any problems with the MoBo.
Everything went without problems.

Altoid 11-06-03 02:50 PM

Thank you, feeyo - on your email I purchased one, and RH 9 installation went without a hitch.

kd7jz 12-05-03 10:02 PM

Shuttle MN31/N followup
So.. I am just putting a Shuttle MN31/N system together. Do I read your post correctly that RH9 has the drivers built right in and I won't have to download any drivers from nVidia?

Psychobudgie 12-06-03 05:05 AM

Installed them. Worked great for just over 26 hours then random lockup just as with the previous drivers.

< Sigh >

Mandrake 9.2, Athlon XP2000 on a KT400 mobo, GF4 MX 440.

I give in. Looks like I'll be buying an ATI for xmas. Any recommendations?
preferably one with drivers that work.

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