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News 10-04-12 06:30 AM

Borderlands 2 PhysX Benchmark roundup
Borderlands 2 is latest and one of the best GPU PhysX titles so far, but what system do you need to handle it efficiently ?

In following article we'll try to gather all reliable PhysX benchmarks and tests, published on the web, to determine the GPU and CPU performance patterns of this title.

[19.09.2012] http://physxinfo.com/pic/flag_ru.png Borderlands 2 ' GPU Test by GameGPU


One of the first articles with PhysX performance comparison, includes wide range of NVIDIA GPUs tested. At the same time, scene, choosen for benchmark, is too simplistic and does not fully represent load during actual gameplay.

[22.09.2012] http://physxinfo.com/pic/flag_us_gbr.png Borderlands 2: is CPU capable of handling the PhysX effects? by PhysXInfo.com


Our attempt to compare CPU and GPU performance of PhysX effects, using single system (GTX 580 GPU and i7 2600K CPU) but multiple testing scenes, including built-in benchmark.

[27.09.2012] http://physxinfo.com/pic/flag_us_gbr.png Borderlands 2 PhysX Performance Review by HiTechLegion


Built-in benchmark was used to compare PhysX performance (on Low, Medium and High settings) of NVIDIA GPU 6xx series.

[28.09.2012] http://physxinfo.com/pic/flag_de.png Borderlands 2 im Physx-Test mit 14 Grafikkarten und 7 Prozessoren by PCGamesHardware


Massive test with 14 GPU models (both NVIDIA and AMD) and 7 CPUs variants, using integrated PhysX benchmark.

[28.09.2012] http://physxinfo.com/pic/flag_kr.png Borderlands 2 PhysX Test by PlayWares


In this article, several firefights scenes from the game are used to determine how GTX 680, GTX 650 and overclocked i5 3570K CPU can handle the PhysX effects.

[01.10.2012] http://physxinfo.com/pic/flag_us_gbr.png Borderlands 2 Gameplay Performance and IQ Review by HardOCP


Traditionally, HardOCP directly compares performance of AMD cards (with PhysX set to Low) and NVIDIA GPUs (with PhysX set to High). Tested GPUs include GTX 680 ' GTX 660 from NVIDIA side and HD 7970 ' HD 7870 from AMD.

[01.10.2012] http://physxinfo.com/pic/flag_us_gbr.png Borderlands 2 PhysX Performance and PhysX Comparison ' GTX 680 and HD 7970 by PC Perspective


Just as the title says, authors of this article are trying to compare PhysX performance of GTX 680 and HD 7970 (actually, a CPU) in integrated benchmark.

' We'll update this post as more articles emerge '


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