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rbroman 07-30-02 01:13 PM

xawtv problem
System is Via KT266, AMD 1800+, NV GeForce3 Ti2000, Iomega Buz capture card (saa7111, saa7185, zr36067), RH7.2, 2.4.18 custom kernel, NV-2960 drivers. lsmod shows all required modules loaded.

Trying to use xawtv, which uses video4linux and Xvideo. Input source is DirecTV settop thru S-Video. Results are:

-With Xvideo, the TV image is green and purple - it's "there", but totally unuseable.

-If I use the xawtv -noxv option, which doesn't go thru xvideo, the TV image and colors are right, but it looks like half the scan lines are missing.

Anybody have any experience with this? I *think* NVidia drivers support Xvideo, but am I wrong?

As an aside, I have the impression that NVidia drivers do *not* support DRI but they *do* support DGA, do I have that right? Are there any other X-Windows modules or extensions that may be related to the above?

Ideas appreciated, Randy

r0gu3 07-31-02 08:50 AM

Well i am guessing its a problem with your video capture card ( or the setup of it) try installing mplayer (i think xine can to but i am not sure) and then play a movie using xv :) that way you can easily test to make sure its not a problem with your video card...

Please Report your results :)

- r0gu3

Thunderbird 07-31-02 11:04 AM

I don't have experience with video in. But what I know is that when an image shows up in wrong colors it most of the time is a configuration option. For example you selected the wrong cable type and things like that.

The drivers support DGA and Xv. I would prefer Xv since it is better. DGA has a lot of limitations (root-only and a lot more).

r0gu3 07-31-02 12:42 PM

You know what... i have been having trouble with my bt848 based card... It seems to have problems after X starts... but it is ok before that ( i can use streamer and stuff)

Try this...

Startx the way you normally do ( you may wanna try loading the "V4L" module) and then rmmod out your iomega drivers, and then modprobe them back in...

I have to do that with my bt848, but than again i have 7 videocards hooked up to my computer... and i don't have to do that if I only run one of them :)

Hope that helps
- r0gu3

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