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GKriehn 10-11-03 03:22 PM

Suspend/Resume Problems
I have downloaded the latest nvidia driver NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-4496-pkg2.run, installed it without problems, updated my XF86Config file, etc. I'm running Red Hat 9.0, using the latest updated kernel supplied by RedHat -- Linux version 2.4.20-20.9. I'm using a Dell Latitude computer with a GeForce 4 video card.

The problem that I'm having is that when I try to resume from sleep after suspending my laptop, all that comes back to me is a blank screen. The hard drive starts up, the fan kicks in, etc., but no X. The only option left to me is a hard reboot (unless I "happen" to have my cursor in a terminal window and I can blindly type "sudo init 6" and my password to reboot gracefully). This means that everything is restored properly except X. Killing X with Ctrl-Backspace doesn't do anything to help either.

I've noticed that I can suspend and resume properly if X isn't running when I first suspend the laptop...anyone know what the problem is?

I've tried looking for this in the forums, but couldn't find a subject about this.

Thanks ahead of time!


GKriehn 10-11-03 03:23 PM

Oh, and this wasn't a problem with the old "nv" driver originally supplied with RedHat.

Since I travel back and forth between work all the time and frequently suspend/resume the laptop, I would *really* like to get this problem fixed without having exit X every time I need to suspend. The blank screen after a resume is painfully annoying to have to deal with...

Soul-Crusher 10-12-03 06:35 AM

Sadly, power management and nVIdia's drivers don't get along very well. As much as I hate to ask this of a laptop user, try disableing ACPI and APM in the kernel and/or in your BIOS and see if that resolves the issue.

GKriehn 10-13-03 10:31 AM

Is this *the* only solution?

I'm actually thinking that it is the backlight that isn't turning back on properly, since everything else is.

Also, it seems that I can't have any USB ports hooked up for the resume to work properly as well.

This kind of sucks---the "nvidia" driver provides so much additional functionality (especially driving LCD screens), but the "nv" driver "works". Have there been no patches to solve this problem??

GKriehn 10-13-03 12:51 PM

I found a solution to the problem! Don't have time to fully figure out why it works, but I've verified that it does!



peterneergaard 02-04-04 11:46 AM

Under Mandrake 9.2 the same solution can be achieved using


in /etc/syconfig/suspend (note the variable is wrongly spelled RESTART_PCMCIA in the file provided by Mandrake).

It is an interesting twist (and somewhat of a pain as a user) that this works flawless with driver version 4496, but with 5336 I manually have to change to a virtual console before suspending. (Including the change in the script causes all kinds of troubles)

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