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jaco 10-12-03 07:48 AM

Linux drivers for exotic processors
I have a computer with an ARM compatible Xscale processor. It has Debian Linux but I can't find a driver for my nVidia GeForce 2 MX graphics card.
I guess there isn't any and it has to be compiled.
How to go from here? Is the source code available somewhere?

Thunderbird 10-12-03 10:03 AM

The only available video driver is the opensource Xfree86 one which will give you 2d and Xv. For the rest there is not more. (except the very slow and old utah-glx)

luked 10-12-03 10:05 AM

use the open source driver "nv"
NVidia don't release source code for their driver. They don't even release complete hardware documentation to allow others to write open-source drivers for their hardware. I think that they are afraid that their competitors would learn too much about the internal workings of their cards if they could get hold of such code or documentation.

However there is an open-source driver for NVidia cards which doesn't support 3D-acceleration. It is included with recent versions of XFree86, and is called "nv". This is probably your best bet.


jaco 10-18-03 05:32 AM

That sucks
I wonder why they choose for this video card when there are no good drivers for the processor. NVIDIA should compile a driver, some people are now writing a DVD player which works completely on processor power as the can't use the cards acceleration.

Thunderbird 10-18-03 06:41 AM

Nvidia doesn't provide that much specs but there is enough info for a good 2d driver with video overlay support. As references you have the opensource nv driver (check the cvs version since that one is a lot more up to date) and there is some new opensource beos driver which uses some stuff from the old beos drivers and now pieces of xfree86. They know quite a lot about the chips nowadays.

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