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Tommaso 10-13-03 04:55 AM

Ghost effect on monitor
I've a AOpen Graphic Card based on GeForce FX5200, and a monitor Hyundai ImageQuest P910+.
What I get is a ghostly repetition (several times) of the image shifted on the right (kind of echo).
This is true to all the resolutions I tried (1024x768 up to 1600x1200), and with both 75Hz and 85Hz
refresh rate. I tried 1280x1024@75/85Hz connecting a Powerbook at the monitor and the problem
was not present.
The problem is present both using also the "nv" (the not accelerated one) and the "nvidia" (last release)
Unfortunately today I have not XFree86 configuration and log file, and I've not a
Windows were to try different drivers.

Any help?



pe1chl 10-13-03 02:10 PM

This means you have a badly designed videocard. I have an MSI card with FX5200 and it is visible but not really annoying.

When you want the best possible picture, buy Matrox. Of course this will mean that 3D will suck. But with gaming etc this problem is usually not very visible.

Tommaso 10-14-03 03:30 AM

Ghost effect on monitor
This means that I will probably change it. I wanted to have 3d support, so I think I will go again for
nvidia, but I will not take the cheapest one as I did :)


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