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Axel_Fooley 10-14-03 03:33 AM

Error instaling Nvidia drivers on Fedora Core 0.94
I was trying to install Nvidia drivers on Fedora Core 0.94 instaler replayed that there are no prekompiled drivers & compilation also failed.

Axel Fooley

P.S. Sore 4 my english

Vishaakje 10-14-03 06:35 AM

I have the same damn problem, I can't install te nforce drivers.

If I enter "rpm --rebuild xxxxx"
He doesn't even know the command rebuild, rpm works just fine but the --rebuild parameter is not appriciated.

rpmbuild doesn't work either.

Did someone install the nvnet driver succesfully on a fedora system?

warmcat 10-14-03 08:00 AM

If you read the error message carefully, it suggests to create an environment variable to disable the C compiler test. note the name (in all caps) it suggests and type


and then run the installer again. This time it'll work, at least, it worked on my Fedora 0.94 machine.

Axel_Fooley 10-15-03 01:38 AM

Thnks Guys now everthing work just like it should.

Axel Fooley

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