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druga runda 10-14-03 05:26 AM

Typedef Enum
Just from the front page you linked to the great Parhelia review that he has done for this site... and I just noticed that he is still banned from August IIRC :eek:

Is he permabanned here, and was that for the little stunt with Catalyst Maker in that ancient thread or what?

I am just a little suprised that quite a valuable member would be permabanned like that... I mean if he doesn't want to come back that's up to him, but to ban his username... isn't that a little harsh? He didn't look like a guy on the quest to spam the forums to oblivion and back :D...

Anyway just wanted to ask

P.S - I did a search and found no other topic covering him in feedback forum... ;)

druga runda 10-16-03 09:38 AM

what happened here? noone knows what's up or is it a taboo topic :confused:

MUYA 10-16-03 10:00 AM

He has been banned AFAIK. And probably permanently


vampireuk 10-16-03 03:08 PM

Let's just say there is a lot of history, and let that be all that is said.

Kruno 10-16-03 05:20 PM

Typedef banned?

Damn. What in the living heck did he do to deserve that?

The Baron 10-16-03 06:04 PM


Originally posted by Kruno
Typedef banned?

Damn. What in the living heck did he do to deserve that?

Let's just say that there are certain people that Typedef simply doesn't get along with. Leave it at that.

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