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sunwei 10-21-12 08:56 PM

Goodbye Nvidia
I used linux on a laptop with Nvidia graphic card during the past three years. Although the Nvidia property driver some kind of work, I experienced all kinds of issues such as gnome-shell crash, xserver crash, hang after resume from suspend ... These issues may be not fully caused by Nvidia. However, that is what I can get with the non-opensource property driver strategy.

Last week, I finally switched my laptop to a new one with intel graphic card. All these issues were just gone and I can really enjoy the linux desktop now. Therefore, for those who do not play 3D game, intel graphic card should be the first choice for linux.

Anyway, this will be my last message in this forum. Goodbye, Nvidia.

artem 10-23-12 08:53 AM

Re: Goodbye Nvidia
The Intel graphics drivers are very far from being flawless and their OpenGL implementation still sucks.

Welcome to the 2D world. You won't be missed ;-)

Jokes aside - NVIDIA still has the best drivers for Linux, and even with all their problems they are still better than Intel's ones.

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