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Linewbie 09-17-02 04:20 PM

Linux performance of ut2003 Please Read...
Hey I was just wondering how many FPS you guys get with what vid cards heres my setup

Athlon XP 2200 @ 1.85 ghz
512 Generic DDR
Geforce 2 MX 200 64 SDRAM PCI

Everyone that is using Linux must be using Geforces to get decent frame rates, I get about 25 average in the indoor level, and simply terrible results with the outdoor... If I can improve performance please let me know, or if you have any suggestions for a new video card I will accept that also. I am looking for a minimum of 40 fps in the outdoor level, and whatever geforce you guys think can get me that, please post.

BTW: I run Mandrake 8.2, KDE2, UT2003 under 16 bit color 800x600

P.S. I heard the difference between 16 bit and 32 bit color in UT2003 doesn't make a difference, because the programmers programmed UT2003 to be run in 32, and not the usual 16. Also does res really make a difference with this port? At 640x480 I didn't notice any improvment, nor when I selected 1024x768 did i notice dramatic slowdown on FPS.

diziet 09-18-02 05:40 AM

Are you sure you are using the nvidia drivers? I have a lower spec cpu (XP1500+) but a GF4 and have managed exceptional framerates. The framerates in multiplayer over the web do seem a lot slower though.

How do I get a FPS readout? Let me know and I will post a few.


merlin42 09-18-02 12:30 PM


How do I get a FPS readout? Let me know and I will post a few.
to bring up (or is that down) the console
stat fps
to get rid of the console ... I really like how it gives you both the average and current fps.

on my Celeron333a w/ GeForce4ti4200-64mb ... yes I know its unbalanced ... I get no more than ~ 10fps under linux while under win its more like 30ish

Linewbie 09-18-02 03:42 PM

The EZ stat way...
Press tab and type "stat fps" to bring up the FPS status. TAB basically makes it so you can issue a console command w/out 'bringing down the console' also for something fun type "behindview 1" to experiance 3rd person view mode, as you CS players would guess "behindview 0" to turn it off.

Soooo any1 here get exceptional framerates in the UT2003 Linux version? I remember in M$ Windoze I would edit the options under the UT2003.ini, although in Linux an ini is not availible except default.ini, my question is, if i edit this will it change my settings? And I also recall a console command for UT that would bring up advanced preferences that I used to get more FPS... And one last quick question Is opengl virtualsync enabled by default? and if so how would I go about disabling it. Thank you guys for helping me, as this is day 3 in Mandrake 8.2! I am really going crazy as when the new Mandrake 9.0 distro will be released!!!

Oh I almost forgot, yes I am using the newest Nvidia drivers!

BTW Dizzee whut G4 MX or TI, and like the 4200 or like the 4600 if ti, thx

lemsx1 09-18-02 07:05 PM

there is a .ini for Linux...
Linewbie wrote:
"<i>I remember in M$ Windoze I would edit the options under the UT2003.ini, although in Linux an ini is not availible except default.ini...</i>"

in your home directory, look under:


Deraj 09-18-02 10:19 PM

Assuming drivers aren't the issue, your system is probably seriously video card-bottlenecked while running UT2003.

I'm not familiar with the title, but I think it uses some of the shader and programmable features that the GeForce3s and 4s accelerate (while GF2s do not).

Richard999 09-18-02 10:47 PM


GIves an idea of how to properly benchmark UT2K3 in linux.

The botmatches are different for Windows and Linux, but the flybys will give similar results.

In any case, my flyby scores...

29.811846 / 53.070473 / 182.025848 fps -- Score = 52.881260 rand[1670090089]
30.842260 / 59.922855 / 301.586365 fps -- Score = 57.492958 rand[1043303418]
31.145466 / 75.954185 / 227.318298 fps -- Score = 67.547272 rand[1782142144]

First result is at 1280x1024x32
Second result is at 1024x768x32
Edit: Third result is Citadel flyby @ 1024x768x32.
First and Second were Antalus Flyby.
(All settings are default in menu)

P4 1.8 A
Ti 4600
2960 NV drivers
2.4.18 kernel

Edit: Appears I'm CPU limited. I'll soon be testing with a P4 2.4B. Should have results tomorrow.

codingfrenzy 09-19-02 02:46 AM

benchmarks for

Intel P4 1.6
Geforce3 Ti 200


flyby-citadel (+12bots):
A: Score = 17.604425 B: Score = 13.339848 C: Score = 10.438527

flyby-antalos (+12 bots)
A: Score = 22.822992 B: Score = 16.562498 C: Score = 12.341885

flyby-asbestos (+12 bots)
A: Score = 39.835167 B: Score = 27.411226 c: Score = 23.212864

Linewbie 09-19-02 04:20 PM

thx guys...
Thx guys for your results, those TI 4600 results were simply amazing. Ultimatly I think I am going to get a new graphics card, that seems to me the best choice. As a Linux newbie I have another question, but I do not feel like starting a new thread on a different forum, because you peoples seem definetly smart enough to answer my next question. This is going to sound noobish but here goes "How do I compile the new linux kernel?" I have tried today to get the 2.4.19.tar.gz going, but I can't get past the "make mrproper" section of the tutorials I was reading, I have tried multiple tutorials with still no avail. When I enter 'make mrproper' is says something along the lines of bash:command not found. It might be the unzipping, becuase I get an error when I 'gzip -dc linux-2____.tar.gz | tar xvvh-' I truly dont know what is going on, and if any of you could help me, that would fabulous, as you have made up my mind on the graphic card. Thx again guys!

BTW: the 4400 or 4200 sounds like my kind of card, 128 DDR versions of course :O)

bwkaz 09-19-02 06:21 PM

You're going to need to install the development packages from your distro. In Mandrake, open up their Software Manager program and install kernel-source (any 2.4 version should work), and hit install or go or whatever they call it. Give it the CDs it asks for, and tell it to go ahead and install the dependencies (these dependencies are actually what you want; they're things like make and gcc, the compiler).

Once you've done that, there's a newbie help file on kernel compiling somewhere at <shameless plug> LinuxNewbie.org </shameless plug>

Ah, here's one that looks promising: http://www.linuxnewbie.org/nhf/Compi...d_Systems.html

Linewbie 09-19-02 08:31 PM

Ahh yes I remember...
I remember that now, I figured I wouldn't be compiling anything too soon, because I am a noob, and dont really know languages except HTML. I was not exactly aware of how the kernel "manages" the work. The whole concept of Linux to me, is why it really grasps me now. I mean opensource work... essentinally free speech. Whilst it may not be free beer :O) (some site I saw it on, lol) It ceirtainly kicks M$'s arse royally! All people from the world can contribute to a project, and the fact that 1000's upon 1000's of minds have gone into the linux kernel is simply breathtaking. You peoples might feel the same way that I do, and some may not, but after 4 days after taking the plunge from M$ XP PRO (Coorperate Edition if you know what I mean, hehe) It is quite a change. As I said I am running Drake 8.2, and I prefer the KDE2 desktop way over gnomes "pretty style." I hear that once I learn the basics of linux to move to a move "real" distro, like Redhat, or even Slackware (If i learn that much...) I dont know though, can you guys give me some advice on that also, lol? You guys have helped the noob once again, and now I truly belive support from the linux community opens up a can o whoopass on any M$ help you can find! I think I am goin to ask the last two noob questions, and that is the typical "What Distro are you guys using?" and "What is a good starting language?" As I said I used to have basic knowledge in HTML, but I dont think that counts. I would really like to take the plunge into C and/or C++, but I dont know if those are noob friendly. Considering the kernel is written in C, I am interested in that, but C++ seams to be the most common and best language for this current time. As for the distro info I am very pleased with the VERY noob friendly Mandrake 8.2 :D I am so pleased that I think when Mandrake 9 comes out I will be immediatly downloading. I dont know if Drake is considered a noob distro by some, but I have seen many a people/persons like Drake over the most popular "RedHat." Here are my specs, and maybe you guys can give me advice, when I tell you afterwords what I use my box for.

ECS K7S5A Mobo (w/ onboard sound, and LAN!)

Athlon XP 2200 @ default 133 FSB 133 MEMORY BUS (In linux the o/c doesn't seem neccasary, not that it was that high in the first place, but the K7S5A is not a good o/c board out of the box. I had to use an "Unofficial Bios in order to be able to increase my FSB and Memory by incremints of 6, and you have to use the default Multiplier, and Core Voltage, unless you actually do a hardware mod to the board, or mess around w/ the Bridges on the cpu itself, and thats not for me )

512 Generic DDR (Still have to pay my friend back for it, lol o well...

Geforce 2 MX 200 64 MB SDRAM, PCI card

(My SBlive is supposed to come Monday, anyone else have this card? My two friends have it, and it sound sooo good. I have my stereo hooked up to audio out (with the same friends DDR in my comp :p and the Bookshelf speakers have built in tweakers, and killer miniature woofers that make my parents pissed, and please my friends.
Skyhawk Full Aluminum Case w/ selfmade blowhole mod, selfmade 5 1/2 drive bay half cover and 3 1/2 floppy half cover, and my ECS K7S5A I modded and cemented a hacksawed Alu. heatsink to the clock generator, and once again hacksawed an Alu. P3 CPU fan heatsink, and the P3 CPU fan of course sits atop it, and is so powerful believe it or not it cools down my CPU which is right, and I mean right above it! And my CPU has artic silver 3 thermal paste applied (Guess who's it from lol, the guy who gave me the DDR, the Cable, and now the AS3! I now get Temps of 40-41 when Idling, and I have seen it as high as 44 after UT. This is considerablly good, when I bought a halfway decent CPU HSF and used to get temps in the 50's. One of my motto's is "If its not broke, dont fix it." The only reason I could afford this arond 450 doller upgrade from my old comp, is because I gutted the free HP (hewlett packard) which my family recieved, because my old brothers comp now supposedly "Broke" so we got to keep that and an HP! What luck! The only downside is my CD burner is 4x max, lol and I have a 30 gig hard drive (which is not so bad), but hey Free is free right?

I use my box for basic wordproccesing for my schoolwork, The WWW, FTP, IRC, UT2003, (IT RYMES lol ftp, irc, ut2003, ok note to self: dont make any more jokes no1 laughs at lol!) and I sometimes play the awesome Tux Racer game! And I burn CD's, and listen to MP3's (Another RYME!!!) Maybe IM for my friends, (and I watch short movies when I get in my mood, and if we are guys and girls here we all know what mood guys get in, but I wont get into that subject lol ;) and thats about all I do on my comp. I realize any GUI for Linux is gonna be a hog for memory, and eat up a lil CPU power, but mayb thats another question I have....

Ok after the tremendous post could you please answer my last noob questions

1. Best Distro for my setup, and my cababilites after this noob graduates from noob junior, to senior noob

2. Best first language to learn

3. Best GUI for using least Memory and CPU resources, basically for running UT2003 (I hope its KDE..) (Hey another, oh nvmind lol)

Thx guys once again for the tremendous linux community support. Heck I am in the Nvidia forums, and you guys are helping a noob out! You are the people that make Linux better, honestly I thank all of you for you answers!!! :D

BTW: Thanks Bwkaz i just installed the Make, and automake, and a couple of other Dev packages :O)

Bern 09-20-02 07:31 AM

Do a dual boot, mandrake/slackware. Use the mandrake auto configured settings as a guide to setting up slackware.

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