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ibGoodEnuf 09-17-02 05:17 PM

Mod Application
I am hoping to assist Saturn in his quest to flame every poster that frequents this board. I am totally capable of stooping to the level of slamming people for spelling errors(as every good moderator should), for comparing benchmarks scores, or even mentioning 3dmark(heaven forbid). I know Saturn has this pretty much covered, but I am sure that with the volume of posts that he could use some assistance. I promise to be as irrelevant in my posts. Please consider me as I have been frequenting this board for 2 years and can now flame almost as well as some.:D

volt 09-17-02 05:28 PM


I believe it fits here better :)

LoRD.MuAD'diB 09-17-02 06:19 PM

Where to start.... well.

ibGoodEnuf, I know what your sayin', "I just figured out what I'm gonna do with the rest of my days. I'm gonna get myself an oversized keyboard, gain moderator status, and be the next Saturn!". Well I got sour news for ya Jack. It ain't that easy. For instance, are you willing to make the comitment, to waking up at the crack of noon, and flaming people for having individual thought and spelling mistakes, seven or eight at a time.. in a row? How about the commitment, to closing threads because you feel like it, as an extention of your own inadequacies? How about are you willing to make the commitment, to wakin up and goin, "Ok, it's post time, what t-shirt am I gonna wear?". Can't decide, brain aneurysm! We've been through so much bullsh*t just to be here tonight, to post your f*ckin' socks off. And all we ask in return is so precious little.. all we're asking you to do, is drop tro.......wait that's something different.

Anyway, if u truly bGoodEnuf, show us your 1337 /\/\0|)3|?4+1/\/6 5|<1|_|_z0|?z!~~

AshG 09-17-02 08:14 PM

Wow, ibGoodEnough, sarcasm seems to be your strong suit.

I believe that Saturn has done a good job. As mods, we simply have to expect the best from the members of this forum community. Open Forum is a place for goofing off, but if the Video Card forums (which is what we're here for) is going to flourish and attract professional posters then a certain level of professionalism has to be obtained and maintained.

volt 09-17-02 08:43 PM

General Forum should be renamed to "Water cooler" or something heh

|JuiceZ| 09-17-02 10:01 PM


Originally posted by d1rX
General Forum should be renamed to "Water cooler" or something heh
lol I here ya.

ibGoodEnuf, the best way to get yer point across is to pm Sat if you see him take actions you don't neccessarily agree with. If nothing happens, talk to one of the other mods or to me. See the thing is the mods here aren't too fond of open rants against one of their own. Lets try to handle this one maturely, between you and Sat ;)

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