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cheechr1 10-30-12 08:01 PM

Keep up the good work NVIDIA!
Just did a fresh install to Ubuntu 12.10 using the Nvidia 310.14 driver. Seems to work great so far in the last few days. I use Boinc and all my Cuda enabled projects work great so far, while in windows with the 306.xx driver after a few hours the display would begin to stutter and eventually the entire OS would be unusable.

I also use SLI in linux and so far that seems to work great as well. Wine gaming is smooth as can be expected running in linux. Not windows performance but definately playable. (SFR, World of Tanks, Mechwarrior Online).

The only thing this driver really needs is a GUI to fix HDMI overscan. Its tedious to do using the command line and then inputing it into the xorg.conf file.

This is the first time since I have been using the Nvidia driver to game and compute in Boinc with Cuda where I have had little to no stability issues. Keep up the great work lets get this driver ready for Steam on Linux and let the games begin!! Eight and a half stars out of ten guys keep it up were almost at a level where this driver can be used by anyone! :captnkill: Goodbye forever Microsoft!!!

SteveBean 11-04-12 01:53 AM

Re: Keep up the good work NVIDIA!
I agree, but I am not sure that the nvidia people read posts here anymore.

DeiF 11-04-12 04:17 AM

Re: Keep up the good work NVIDIA!
Go here instead:

sandipt 11-06-12 12:18 AM

Re: Keep up the good work NVIDIA!

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