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cricket 09-17-02 09:46 PM

no one lives forever2 full demo opinions
the graphics are great!..the gameplay is great!..the game is great!! my opinion..10 out of 10! challenging/exciting/and shooting..3 favorite things i like to see in a game. it took forever to find and then download it, but it was worth every minute of it. i made it as far as submarine mission so far, but those guys in greyish/whitish suits are hard to overcome. will try again tommorrow. how do you guys like it so far?
almost all reviews of this should be positive,,anyone that has negative things to say about this game must be on "crack".:D
*** this month so many good games/demos have arrived, i wish i had some money to buy the full version's (once they arrive)...lol

DIMA 09-18-02 03:37 AM

I completely agree with u there m8! :)
Just started playing the full demo and it seems even better than the teaser (which was hell of a teaser all by itself!)

SavagePaladin 09-18-02 08:28 AM

I'll completely agree with you once I actually have the demo. Farkin 56k

volt 09-18-02 08:52 AM

Can you post some shots ? :D
I wont be able to get the demo until late afternoon :/

Cereal-Killer 09-18-02 11:54 AM

I give it a 10 out of 10 as well! The graphics are amazing! I kept looking at the water surface in the submarine station. UT2k3 doesn't even come close to that. This game is fun, looks like a winner to me!

Cutter 09-18-02 12:08 PM

Without question, the most excited I've ever been about a game's release.

Absolutely stunning engine. Models look incredible, lots of interaction with the environment, great sound, and it runs without any slowdowns or stutters.

Without question, best looking water ever.

Stayed up playing this last night - kept me going until I had finished it. Spent a lot of time, going back around, looking at all of the little details they've put into the game.

I would say easily a contender for a lot of people's game of the year.

LordVampyre 09-18-02 01:02 PM

Absolutely agree... Im buying this even before UT2k3.. seems to have much more game play value than just running around blasting people.
Visuals even on my poor old gforce2 ti are amazing.. thinking that waterfall.....

Only negatives I have to say is the ninja girls saying the same things over and over...
and .. ah....
humm guess thats about it :)

so when is this puppy coming out??

St Lobus 09-18-02 01:38 PM

Great game
Awesome game, great detail, but the most exciting part of it has got to be the Co-op lan play. That is gonna rock! It'll be like playing Descent Co-op with a friend way back when.

My only complaint is the crappy SB Live! support, but I'm getting the idea it's more a problem with the card than the game. Time to go for a Santa Cruz from Turtle Beach.

Matthyahuw 09-18-02 02:09 PM

I never would have thought to say this about the LithTech's engine, but it's NICE!!!

SavagePaladin 09-18-02 02:19 PM

UT2k3 demo has cut content in the graphics department, as well as its a deathmatch game so you gotta watch what you do. They also said they were going for an 'Unreal' look
Anyway, I'm buyin em both, they rock.

volt 09-18-02 02:48 PM

Awsome game, a bit girl-ish in some moments though :)

SavagePaladin 09-19-02 12:09 AM

This game IS beautiful...
See Craig buy NV30 and play his not-so-old games over again with aniso and FSAA on.


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