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spork545 10-18-03 07:27 PM

Kernel interface?
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right, so here i am, in runlevel 3 on redhat 9, and it asks me if i want to connect to get a kernel interface. i say yes, but it can't find one.. you'd think one exists, and maybe my internet was killed or something. so it goes on to make one, and the progress bar goes 0->7-<100, and then i get an error. and so i decided to ask for help here. i have attached the install log for your viewing pleasure, maybe you can tell me what the hell is wrong.

pc: redhat 9 (that i am trying to install on)
pentium 4 1.9ghz
512mb ram
nvidia geforce 3 (ti200 i think)
no idea what mobo it is, this is a dell dimesion 8200..so whatever they put in is waht i've got.

thank you

LordMorgul 10-19-03 05:01 AM

When the installer cannot find a module for you to use (the kernel interface), it must compile one for you, that is specific to your system.

Apparently, you have incorrect kernel headers available to it to use, which is getting all sorts of things screwed up... and then it errors and fails.

Which kernel are you using? If it is not 2.4.20-20.9, then you need to get the correct kernel source rpm installed for your kernel.

uname -r

will show you your kernel version. If you are using that version, and have the kernel source rpm installed, then I can't say what it is exactly. Did you install that as root? You need to.

rpm -qa | grep kernel

will show you which kernel rpms you have installed, you need a matching version 'kernel-source'.

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