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nVidi0t 10-21-03 03:41 AM

Framerate cap in 3dmark with Ti4600
Ok. I decided to do a 3dmark for the first time in ages with 2001. The framerate was strangely capped at 60, in places where I used to be getting an average of 200. I am still using 45.23, but I just tried the Beta 52.13 dets and the same problem occurs.

I have made sure that Vsync is off, but I'm really baffled as to what else could be causing the problem. Any help would be appreciated.


EDIT: Just tried 3dm2003 and the same appears to be happening. The only game in which I score over 60 fps usually is the Wings demo (usually up to 300) but it appers to be capped at 80 this time around..

Ady 10-21-03 03:47 AM

I would say it has to be vsync, but you have already checked that. :confused:

What are your refresh rates while these programs are running?

nVidi0t 10-21-03 03:59 AM

Hey, thanks for making me check that out Ady! I changed the 1024X768 32bpp refresh from default to 120 and the cap has moved to 120, but it's still a problem. Hmm I have Vsync set to always off so I have no idea why it's doing this. It never did it before with the 45.23's.

EDIT: Quake 3 reads fine though. I hope it's only 3dmark which is forcing the refresh, otherwise I'll be seeing capped FPS in all games..

Ady 10-21-03 06:14 AM

Well Q3 is an OpenGL game and 3dmarks are DX. I'm pretty sure vsync controls in the driver are seperate for OpenGL and DX.

So that tells us vsync is on in DX but not OpenGL. I guess that means your setting for vsync always off is not working for DX.

nVidi0t 10-21-03 07:23 AM

Hmm, the Vsync setting in the dets is for both D3D and OpenGL though. I have it set to always off but it's still capping DX.

Maybe try removing the dets are using Det destroyer and re-installing?

nVidi0t 10-21-03 01:58 PM

Ace, removed all traces of drivers and re-installed, and my 3dmark went from 6000 (which I was getting capped) to 13000. There's still some life left in my GF4 at least :)

StealthHawk 10-21-03 04:27 PM

What OS are you using? You definitely should not be experiencing what's going on. 3dmark should automatically turn vsync off.

nVidi0t 10-21-03 04:39 PM

XP Pro. It's working fine now after a total removal and re-install of drivers.

I really have no clue how it started doing that in the first place though.

StealthHawk 10-21-03 04:53 PM


Originally posted by nVidi0t
XP Pro. It's working fine now after a total removal and re-install of drivers.

I really have no clue how it started doing that in the first place though.

Yep. Sometimes the drivers can get really messed up :(

nVidi0t 10-21-03 05:00 PM

Wow, I also noticed something else. I couldn't for the life of me get the Homeworld 2 Demo to work. I must have tried 10 different sets of detonators, but it would just run at <1fps in-game.

I just tried it now and it runs fine.. obviously not only the refresh rates were messed then.. :mad:

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