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lothodon 09-18-02 05:01 PM

Dual monitor makes CRT look bad...
Hello all,

Looking for a little help or advice please...

Have a Visiontek Ti4600 and am now running a SONY LCD 18.1 and a KDS Avitron 19".

The KDS always looked simply awesome until I hooked it up as my second monitor with the LCD as my primary using the DVI output of the GeForce4.

The KDS looks terribly fuzzy now. ClearType is turned off and I've tried everything I can think of to fix it...nothing changes the KDS much at all. I run the KDS at 1024x768 at 32 bit with a refresh of 120Hz. Looks terrible, can't keep it like this.

Any help would be great, thanks a lot.

lothodon (new member now, but this is a new account, I've been here before).

Chalnoth 09-18-02 06:40 PM

Well, one thing that you might want to try is purchasing a new DVI->VGA converter. I think Belkin makes some good ones.

In the meantime, you may want to try reducing the refresh rate to, say, 85Hz and see if that helps.

lothodon 09-18-02 06:55 PM

But I need the DVI output for the LCD...I think I'm confused by what that would allow me to do, could you explain it differently perhaps?

Chalnoth 09-18-02 07:46 PM

Oh, I'm sorry, I had thought that you had two CRT's, with one connected through the DVI through a converter.


So, if you disconnect the LCD, the CRT looks great? That is very, very strange...

One thing that you might want to pay attention to is possible electrical interference. For example, try to make sure that the monitor cables for the CRT and LCD are sufficiently far apart.

lothodon 09-18-02 08:26 PM

Did that, didn't help. The CRT actually looks like ClearType is enabled, but it isn't. If I enable it, it looks even worse, but then the LCD looks worse too.

The whole point of this purchase was to run dual monitors. The viewable is exactly the same on both, and the picture quality should have been close had the CRT retained it's original clarity.

When I put the two monitors next to each other, the clarity of the LCD makes the CRT look even worse than it truly is, so that's not helping things either. I dropped the resolution of the CRT to 1024x768 and it still looks fuzzy.

Can't figure this one out. Could it possibly be a problem with Nview 2.0 in the Beta 40.41 drivers? I'm a little hesitant to downgrade drivers due to the speed increase I get with the 40.41's. I suppose I'll try to go to the latest non Beta's and report any changes.

Chalnoth 09-18-02 08:41 PM

I don't know...it really sounds like it's probably some sort of interference issue going on. If the interference is on the video card, then there's absolutely nothing you can do (other than replacing the card...).

I do know that my GeForce4 Ti 4200 doesn't look any different when I'm using TV-out or not (I don't have anything to use on the DVI-out...).

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