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john19055 09-18-02 10:52 PM

After installing XP SP1 should I install DX8.1b
IT says it improves certain D3D funtions,Has anybody install DX8.1b after the SP1 and does it really help anything or does it just cause problems.

john19055 09-19-02 02:00 PM

could anybody help ,thank you

eL_PuSHeR 09-19-02 02:56 PM

I think there is no suitable DX for WinXP. Just leave DX alone. Wait for DX9

Matthyahuw 09-19-02 02:57 PM

didn't even know there was a DX update...if you're not having issues, I'd say forget it...

|JuiceZ| 09-19-02 04:52 PM

I remember reading somewhere that dx8.1b was included in sp1 for winxp.

john19055 09-20-02 12:46 AM

No it is not part of SP1,it suppose to have some fixes for D3D ,but I guess I will just wait till DX9 comes out offically.

PsychoSy 09-20-02 05:22 PM

Everything I've read states that DX 8.1b is included with SP1. If it wasn't, the UT2003 demo would not be running on my rig (I think the readme says that DX 8.1b is a MUST for it). :p

john19055 09-22-02 07:01 AM

It is only a must if you you have a card that does'nt support hardware transform and lighting,in SP1 it has version 810 and DX8.1b is 901 Read the release notes of UT2K3

SavagePaladin 09-25-02 03:44 PM

8.1b is included in XP whether or not you have a service pack, from what I know.
Not sure.

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