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gnarlie 09-19-02 04:10 AM

enabling sba
Changing the sba-key in os-registry.c doesn't help cause sba seems to be disabled on the card itself. There is some windows-proggie that can be used to enable sba...Are there other ways than using a custom bios with linux?

bwkaz 09-19-02 08:12 AM

It sounds strange that SBA would be disabled on the card itself... if that was the case, why would there be an option in the driver to even turn it on? *shrug*

Anyway, you can try cat /proc/driver/nvidia/agp/host-bridge to see what your motherboard is saying is supported, and cat /proc/driver/nvidia/agp/card to see what the nVidia card is saying is supported.

If host-bridge is saying SBA isn't supported, try checking your BIOS setup (get into it by pressing some magic key combination right when you start up, sometimes Del, sometimes F2, sometimes F1, sometimes Ctrl-Alt-S, it just depends on who made your BIOS, and who patched it if anyone).

If it's the card, you may be able to upgrade the card's BIOS to support it, check the manufacturer's website.

Thunderbird 09-19-02 10:04 AM

Normally enabling SBA in os-registry.c should help (actually not but will say that later). I wouldn't even bother playing with SBA. That option is way too unstable (especially on Linux). When it is on about every GL app crashes your machine.

bwkaz 09-19-02 11:41 AM

That's interesting... it's set to "on" on both machines here, and I haven't seen any crashes yet (Via KT333, which also seems perfectly stable with AGP 4x; I can run RtCW, UT, Unreal (through the UT engine), UT2k3, Descent 3, even HL and CS through Wine). Same thing on my Intel 815 board.

Hmmm.... which chipset(s) have you seen crashes with? Which kernel version were you using (2.4.19 here, but I've been through 2.4.14 and 2.4.1[6-8] as well, no problems)? Kernel's agpgart, or nVidia's (I'm using the kernel's)?

Am I just lucky? :confused:

gnarlie 10-01-02 01:16 AM

I tried flashing with a generic bios but didn't succeed. A friend of my configured the bios cause I don't have windows, nvflash complained about some vendor strings. UT2003 seems very sensitive about everything, crashes with agp4x or FW, disabled both at the same time so I don't know which one it is and even if my comp was fully stable at some clock speed ut would crash and I had to drop some 50mhz.

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