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bargabr8 09-19-02 08:29 AM

Blizzards main page today???

whats this about???? anyone have any ideas??

FastM 09-19-02 08:52 AM

A new Starcraft?

styles-T 09-19-02 10:06 AM

I still play starcraft..

Please say this is true..

Starcraft is the bomb..:D

styles-T 09-19-02 10:09 AM

BTW whats Starcraft - Battle Chest?

nin_fragile14 09-19-02 11:07 AM

I'm betting it's a new Starcraft. Sounds good to me.

FastM 09-19-02 11:10 AM


Originally posted by nin_fragile14
I'm betting it's a new Starcraft. Sounds good to me.
lol, Wishfull thinking, Sounds great to me to. I Really hope they kept the new SC Simple like the original, unlike WC3.

Matthyahuw 09-19-02 12:22 PM

They already said they were going to do a new Starcraft with the WC3 engine (if you finished the game and found the hidden movies).

Cereal-Killer 09-19-02 01:16 PM

It's not Starcraft 2, but it has something to do with the Ghost character from Starcraft. There are some hidden messages like "CALL_THE_SHOT", "SOMEBODY_CALL_FOR_AN_EXTERMINATOR", "NEVER_KNOW_WHAT_HIT_EM" and so on. Here is a decoder for the source code in blizzard.com

If this new game is only about the Ghost character, then it might be a FPS or third-person shooter :confused: :)

Matthyahuw 09-19-02 01:34 PM

weren't they going to do a FPS off the starcraft universe, but it got canned? maybe they uncanned it :confused:

Unknown Soldier 09-19-02 03:49 PM


US <-- Oops :)

pelly 09-19-02 03:49 PM

The hidden message I saw was "just kidding".... :confused:


Unknown Soldier 09-19-02 03:57 PM


Originally posted by pelly
The hidden message I saw was "just kidding".... :confused:


oops .. hope that fixes it :)


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