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Creole 09-19-02 02:28 PM

A good set of speakers?
I see that newegg has the Logitech Z-540 4.1 at a good price and I was wondering if these speakers are digital. I hear they are pretty good and pc gamer ranked them as the best in mid range speakers. I have Altec Lansing ACS-33 right now with a Sound Blaster Live 5.1. Anyone have these? How are they and are they digital?;)

FastM 09-19-02 03:06 PM

No i dont believe they are Digital but they are By FAR the best speakers in its PriceRange.

Also, do yourself a favor and ditch the SBLive as soon as you can ;)

Cereal-Killer 09-19-02 03:19 PM

Great speakers! You'll love the sound quality if you decide to buy them, but they're not digital.

Creole 09-19-02 05:29 PM

what sound card should I get? Also, what speakers are digital that are similar. :cool:

Smokey 09-19-02 05:53 PM


Originally posted by Creole
what sound card should I get? Also, what speakers are digital that are similar. :cool:
Dont listern to him about your sound card :p There is nothing wrong with the SBlive range of sound cards. Honestly ask yourself, do you think that you get good sound in games, dvds and music? If you are happy then why even bother thinking about changing it ;)

thcdru2k 09-19-02 06:42 PM

as long as you have the latest drivers the sb live 5.1 should be fine, don't even worry about it. it should work great with your speakers.

VoltFox 09-19-02 11:21 PM

True... SB Live! is good enough... no need for Audigy, the sound quality is a bit better (very very very little tiny bit), but you have to listen really careful to hear the difference...

Essense 09-19-02 11:24 PM

I had an orginal SBLive OEM. And the sound differnce when I went to my Phillips Acoustic Edge, was quite signifigant. Easily noticeable. Then when i went to my Audigy, the sound quality was about the same as the Acoustic Edge, but the Audigy had better drivers (oddly enough). And is obviously more powerful for games.


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