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schenkus 10-27-03 03:57 AM

nvnet and Suse 9.0 ?
Hi everybody !

Has anyone succeeded in getting the nforce ethernet driver to work with the new SuSE 9.0 ?

I have no problems compiling and "modprobeing" the nvnet module, but a few seconds after doing an "ifconfig" the system freezes.

I'm using an "old" NForce motherboard, everything worked with SuSE 8.0 - graphics and audio seems to work ok with 9.0 too.

I'm also using a second network card (3c900 Cyclone TPO), which works fine.

Steven301 10-30-03 01:23 PM

Just got suse 9.0 myself, has anyone found anything on suse's ftp site, they should have had time bye now to get this worked out.

schenkus 10-31-03 02:06 AM

It seems as if I'm the only one with this problem. I also posted this question on the (german) SuSE-linux mailing lists and it seems to work for everybody else.

I did not have time yet to look more closely why it does not work on my machine, I will enable the debugging in nvnet and try to understand what goes wrong.

thegreatgatsby 10-31-03 04:42 PM

1) I think you must have the kernel source installed (it's on the cd, install it with YaST

2) I used the tarball source installation & followed the instructions (NOT the suse rpm which is for the old kernel)

3) nvnet in the box for module in yast

4) works without problems

have had probs with the system crashing & freezing too - put it down to the nvidia graphics driver which I have stopped using and now no problems

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