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Ramshambo2001 09-19-02 03:30 PM

Slow XP startup after upgrade....
I just recently upgraded to a anthon 1.33 ghz with 384 ddr, asus mobo, western 80 gig SE, and radeon 8500. I install windows xp home edition and on the startup screen with the green(or blue for professional) progress indicator and it just sits there for like 5 min until finally coming to the log in screen. Then it goes off into regular windows. Other then this i am getting great framerates, ran 3dmark 2k1 numerous times with no lockups, is there a conflict somewhere or has some thing gone array in the installion?

saturnotaku 09-19-02 03:33 PM

Sounds like it could be a bum driver somewhere or something with Networking, like it's trying to establish a network connection and is not finding it. What kind of networking hardware do you have/use?

Ramshambo2001 09-19-02 03:36 PM

Linksys NIC, it's connected to a router, to my cable modem. I had some trouble getting it into the mobo, but reinstalled it later. Oh, and i did already install SP1

saturnotaku 09-19-02 03:40 PM

Do you use DHCP on your connection? I used to have problems with slow booting because my NIC was trying to access DHCP when there was none.

Ramshambo2001 09-19-02 03:48 PM

i fliped it on and off on, my router, looked in my nic prop and nothing, does seem net related though

OliverRedfox 09-19-02 08:32 PM

It could be doing a scan disk in the background on every boot. On one system I built using windows 2000(XP may have the same problem), if I had the S.M.A.R.T. hard drive option turned on(or off- can't remember which way it was) in bios, the OS would do a scan disk every time it booted, even if the drive was fine. As soon as I changed the setting to the opposite the scan disk problem went away. It's possible you are having that problem. Try switching the setting for the SMART drive. It was a year and half ago that I ran into the problem so I can't remember which way was causing the problem, but hopefully it'll help.

Ramshambo2001 09-20-02 12:40 AM

Still pulling out my hair on this, turned smart on and off, no go. I really wouldn't mind it ,but it is literally like 5 minutes before it gets going. I've reformatted twice now and it still gives me the same problem so it doesn't seem driver related, updated all my mother board drivers too.

OliverRedfox 09-20-02 05:07 PM

Do you have your computer set to automatically obtain an IP address? If you do, you might try entering a static IP.

Also, have you tried booting without your network card (or disabled in bios, if on-board)?

You might might also try pulling/disabling sound card, modem, etc... it may take a while but it'll find the hardware conflict. And it should take less time then re-installing XP.

saturnotaku 09-22-02 09:35 PM

I just did a fresh install of XP with my newly acquired SP1. I followed the instructions and after I booted my system after installation, I experienced the exact same problem. Windows would take forever to load. As I was troubleshooting, I made a booboo that necessitated having to start all over again from scratch.

I gave SP1 another shot, only this time instead of rebooting immediately after installation, I ticked the box that said not to reboot right away. I don't remember what it was I did or installed but when I rebooted my system the next time, it loaded up right away, just as fast as before SP1. The only thing I can suggest now is to format, install SP1, but don't reboot immediately afterwards. It's a longshot but you never know.

Smokey 10-03-02 10:11 AM

After seeing the news post on the front page, I went and gave TweakXP a go. My load times have gone down alot. The was the first thing that I noticed after applying the tweaks then rebooting, so far so good.

LORD-eX-Bu 10-10-02 01:35 AM

Its just your motherboard drivers. Same thing happened to me on another computer, if you go into safe mode, even after removing all the mobo drivers, anyways, if you go into safe mode and see the device manager you'll see that all of your old mobo drivers are still there. I would go and hand delete every one of them, but I'm too lazy so I just formatted my primary drive.

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