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Cotita 09-19-02 04:32 PM

Starcraft 2 to be announced today

Will it be worth the wait?

volt 09-19-02 04:49 PM

I dont think it's Starcraft 2. It may be:

"StarCraft universe related game, but Bill Roper the PR guy for Blizzard has flatly denied that StarCraft2 is in development"

Chalnoth 09-19-02 04:51 PM

I think it's a new Warcraft game!


Seriously, I did hear recently that the game announced was specifically not going to be Starcraft 2. However, perhaps that was in relation to another announcement?

Oh, well, we should know by 5pm PST.

Cotita 09-19-02 05:22 PM

It IS Starcraft 2

check the link

The Baron 09-19-02 05:26 PM

don't you think Blizzard thinks everyone knows that SC2 is in development and would happily throw everyone for a loop?

Hell, it might be a whole new universe... I can only hope.

Chalnoth 09-19-02 05:28 PM

Why is it Starcraft 2, Cotita? It's common for companies to register domains related to their products. Just because Blizzard owns that domain name doesn't necessarily mean it's Stacraft 2.

What about the picture makes you think it's Starcraft 2, anyway? All I see is something that looks REALLY blurred out.

Btw, I would think it kind of odd for Blizzard to announce a new PC RTS product so close to the release of Warcraft III. It might undercut their own sales...

Cotita 09-19-02 05:46 PM

Well its not a Zerg for sure...

Could be marine or zealot, or anything else for that matter.

Damn can't wait.

As far as I know a warcraft3 addon will be released by christmas, so who knows.

Chalnoth 09-19-02 05:55 PM

Personally, my guess would be it's a console game. But, we'll know in an hour.

sbp 09-19-02 06:18 PM

Perhaps its the Warcraft 3 expansion pack.

nin_fragile14 09-19-02 06:42 PM

That starcraft 2 domain has been around for a LONG time. :rolleyes:

The Baron 09-19-02 07:00 PM

I can't get on the Bliz site--WHAT IS IT?!

volt 09-19-02 07:10 PM

StarCraft Ghost - XBOX

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