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marqmajere 09-19-02 07:21 PM

Ti4600 on Gaming Issues
Just bought the MSI Ti4600 and I have to say I love it. It ran great out of the box and it scored 11,000 stock in 3DMark. Only game I've run into problems with is GTA3. The text in the start menu is replaced by yellow boxes. No clue on what to do on this because I'm rather new to this whole GeForce thing. Any links or advice would be great. Thanks


Raptorman 09-19-02 07:29 PM

Try using the 40.41 drivers, or the 30.82s (if using WinXP). Also, you can try disabling Anti-Aliasing. Depending on the game that helps. Anyways, to help more we need your system specs.

marqmajere 09-19-02 08:01 PM

I've tried both sets of drivers and It's been patched for a while now.
Athlon XP 1700+
Soyo Dragon Plus
512 Crucial DDR
Western Digital 30gig@ 7200rpm
Windows XP Home Ed.

Nothing is overclocked and I'm not running any antivirus programs. I have all the latest updates and drivers. This game never had this problem with my 8500, but I'm sure it's something simple.


thcdru2k 09-19-02 08:01 PM

it isn't a patch its a windows directx problem. head over to www.gta3forums.com and go to troubleshooting forum. read the faq, it should head you over to microsoft for an update.

marqmajere 09-19-02 08:33 PM

Downloaded the Directx "patch" and it fixed it, no sweat. Man. I am beginning to love this G4 a little more every minute. Thanks guys. Couldn't have done it without you. (Well, maybe:D )


thcdru2k 09-20-02 07:53 PM

we actually have someone that bought a gf4 to actually play games :). congrats marqmajere, your first person i see doesn't give a **** about 3dmark.

ExitWound 09-20-02 08:02 PM

Why does everyone bash 3dmark??? It's being used as a tool to measure minute changes through tweaks applied by the drivers and settings. It's the same thing as changing the ratio in an engine, remeasuring the performance, and repeating the process to get the best possible output from the machine. I don't see a problem reporting points in 3dmark to assess how gameplay will end up. Tweaking your 3dmark to go from 9000pts to 11,000pts will undoubtedly increase gaming performance as well. Why is this wrong?

thcdru2k 09-20-02 08:15 PM

yes for some, but honeslty do you think most people do that? no, they don't really care, they just go for highest possible score.

ExitWound 09-20-02 08:16 PM

The difference between REAL car enthusiasts and Ricers. I gotcha.

thcdru2k 09-20-02 08:50 PM

yes exactly :)

Nephilim 09-20-02 09:12 PM


I haven't used 3dMark once on my GF4.

Don't feel the need to. It plays games beautifully (and smoothly). That's all that matters to me.

thcdru2k 09-20-02 09:22 PM

i'm one of those ppl that ew mentioned lol.

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